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urgh, almost up to hear!

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  • urgh, almost up to hear!

    I'm almost at breaking point with just min cashing. I am playing for the win, but can never seem to get one. So many times, my AA get beat by a stupid hand like 72 JK or A2S why on earth do people play like this!, just drives me insane.

    I've lost so much cash ( Although I don't care about that ) It's insane, I'm going to try something diffrent, instead of playing only my 10% starting hands, I'm boosting that up to 25%.

    I'm hoping this helps. wish me luck

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    If you are only playing 10% your hands then you are truly too tight. Instead of making a jump to 25% try 15% then 20% and work your way up to where you are comfortable. You should be playing more from late position and not too much from early.

    Good decisions!


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      What kind of tourney's or sng's do you play magic?If you are playing 90-mans normal sng's which is my favorit, then i can say that playing 10% of hands is good in the the long run,why do i say this becouse here are my overall stats for this month, VPIP 11% in over 500 sng, 24.4% ITM and 41.4 ROI,this is a slow but steady climb so if i may say i am profitable player.Bad beats will happen always i had 30+ losing streaks only min cashing and thats no good, bankroll management is the key and like Joe said good decisions!

      Good luck.


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        Hi magic

        First off tournaments are full of frustrations and thats just something you have to accept and not let it get to you.

        Originally posted by RomeWu View Post
        What kind of tourney's or sng's do you play magic?
        Without knowing this no-one can offer you more than basic advice. Whatever type you are playing however, it breaks into 3 basic sections: Early game, Mid game and End game. You need to learn how to adapt your game to each part and you can't stick strictly to the top hands.

        For very quick guidelines on standard strategy the Early game is where you stay tight and build your stack up through getting paid off with good hands. In the Mid game you are also looking to protect you fold equity, or in English, keep a stack size that people are wary of risking too much by calling too loose against. In the End game you are aiming to get the win or at least gain the most money you reasonably can.

        This all means you need to consider a lot more than just your hand strength. As Joe said, one thing you can do is start opening your game up in late position, when there are fewer people to act behind you. All the basics you should be able to find here or by browsing around. After that, if you are serious about improving, it is up to you to put in the time both on and off the tables to experiment in situations, improve your game and gain your own style.




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