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suited connecter

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  • suited connecter

    i always figured that chasing flush draws that are not nut flush or 2nd nut flush is kind of risky but then what are the odds of your flush being out flushed so this is a skill league. the table is extremely passive no one is raising preflop except for villain 5 i was getting short stack as i had only playe 11% of my hands so decided to just limp here with 67s flop- i made middle pair + flush draw....... made the flush on the turn with 2 opponents in the hand on the river the board was paired on the river should i have jusy called villain 2 bet of 240 into a pot of 2610 and fold to a re raise by villain 8

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    dont have much info on villain 8 but villain 2 takes down most of his pots without showdown i think he is bluffing because when i finally started 3 betting him he would give up the hand as u can see in the hand i posted he tends to build pots with top pair any kicker and will limp ace rag QJ-Q9, 22+ and will raise aggressively if only 1 over card on the board and call re raises hoping to hit a set
    raise KQ,KJ and AT+
    thats all i got hope that helps


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      I think you're a bit too shallow to limp 67s here. T9s may have enough high pair value, but with a 20 BB stack you're basically looking to flop a pair or more often take down pots preflop with fold equity. This flop is one of the best possible flops for your hand. You have a pair and a flush draw on the flop (not to mention a good backdoor straight draw) which has you in great shape against pretty much any hand besides a set. I would look to raise and get all the money in right there. Heck, just shoving works as there's already 1050 in the pot which would make a nice addition to your stack if everyone folds. And if called by a better pair you can still hit your flush, trips, or two pair--and if called by a flush draw, well you already have a pair! I'd probably raise to 700 and call a shove, but shoving is a pretty cool play itself. We want to raise and utilize our fold equity since we have a very vulnerable hand. As of now we are likely the favorite to win if we get it heads up, but many turn cards put us in an uncomfortable spot, as we have no idea where we stand so we want to get as much money in the pot when our equity is likely best and that's now on this flop.

      As played I think you should just raise all in right there on the turn. If you get overflushed that's life, but you don't want to see a 4th diamond roll off on the river and kill all your action.
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        thanks ill try not to get myself in a similar situation but if i do ( i am stubborn at times) ill take your advice


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          Hi danan758! With this being from a league game, I have to look at it totally differently than if it was a cash tourney. In a league game, the only thing that I care about is making as many points as possible while taking absolutely no chances at all and to never be all-in unless I'm sure that I have the best hand after the entire board is shown. Due to this, any non-premium hand from early/mid position is a muck until I'm already into + points, which I should not be at on this blind level. Taking any chance at all, to get chips is not worth losing the league points... especially later in the month. ---------------- If this were a cash tourney, if I thought that some of the players behind me would come along too, then I'd be ok with limping behind. If I thought that they would fold, then I'm making a std raise with 67s here (3BB+1BB for each limper), so with two limpers, I'll raise to 600. The flop gives me middle pair with a flush draw and the SB leads into me for 240, which compared to the pot size is very small. Especially if this opp is known to bluff, I'm going to raise here and I'll size my raise at 720 (3x the opp's lead bet). If the opp shoves, I'm absolutely prepared to call, as the 720 bet puts me right on the brink of being pot committed. I hit the flush on the turn and the same opp leads into me again. I don't want any of the opps left to see a 4th diamond hit the board without paying the maximum, so I'm shoving here (if my chips weren't already in from the flop). Unfortunately, the opp has a higher flush, which will occasionally happen, but when the flush hits the turn, I want to get all the chips in so that the opps can't possibly see a 4th diamond or have a cheap draw from 2 pair at a full house. This is a good example of a hand that it's correct to play in a cash tourney, but not in a league game, due to the league point structure. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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