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No matter what you's a bad beat.

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  • No matter what you's a bad beat.

    My Question is....what can a player do with a playable hand against a limper.

    I am getting smashed on PokerStars lately. I'm not a bad player....but I am sick of wankers. Fair enough he flopped a set.

    I'm in position with 1 limper (the guy behind me) I decide to raise nothing special....3 or 4 times the big blind. Everyone else folds and the guy behind me flat calls.

    The flop misses me, but gives me a strong flush draw. The flop hit him and he checked it down.

    The flop goes chk chk.

    I make my flush for free. He bets, I re-raise. He shoves all in. I'm not laying a K high flush here.

    I can beat any str (other than a str flush), I beat any 2 pair, I beat trips.

    Then he calls me an idiot for calling?
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    Hi Aus-Redda! This isn't a bad beat because you were never at any point in time ahead in the hand. It is however a cooler. What I do when I'm playing against any number of limpers is that my preflop raise will be to 3BB+1BB for each limper. By raising it for each limper, it will deter them from calling the raise.... or build a much larger pot for my better hands. You played the flop correctly. With a flush draw, I'm checking behind to try to hit it. If I was the opp, I'd have been betting 1/2 the pot, both for value and to price out a straight or flush draw. The turn is where the cooler kicks in, as it does give KJ the flush, but the opp gets a full house from the same card. When the opp bets, I would raise to 3X their bet and if the shove, it'll depend on what the chip stacks are and how the opp has been playing as to whether or not I will call their shove. Most opps, I will call, but there are a few opp types (tight/passive for example) that I'm laying down 2nd flush here, as they will only be betting with a better hand (nut flush or full house). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Good advice!

      I thank you for your detailed reply. I can learn from this.
      Thank you.



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