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What is Correct. Call?Fold?

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  • What is Correct. Call?Fold?

    Tried replayer, no luck. This is a .25c/45 man. Will try to explain, 1st hand, blinds 150/75 Hero on button with AJo, 70bb, villian all in 9bb, no one else in the action, would you call? Moving on 2nd hand, blinds 200/100, 25 ante. Hero in big blind AJs, 45bb, small blind complete's and has 8bb. Would you put him all in? I made the call on both and lost, due I consider this just the luck of the cards? One more thing, at this point when they are so short, should their VP/PR, be taken into consideration?
    Any thoughts appreciated. P.S. 1st hand villian held 55, 2nd hand villian held K4o, made trip 4's on river.

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    **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24**

    If you have the hand histories from these or any reads on the opps, that would help us to get you a better answer.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      More Info

      Hi John

      Thanks for moving this, still trying to get used to new site. The only things I remember are, Villian #1 was multi tabling,he was 2 seats off btn out of six players, vp11/pr9,hands162, had opened all in from sb with a7o once. Villian #2 shortest stack at table, vp17/pr2 over 48 hands, had called a min raise with 65o.


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        Hand 1: unless villain is a huge nit, he should have a pretty wide shipping range on such a short stack. I'd look to isolate him by 3-betting to about 18 BBs. Losing 9 BBs doesn't hurt you much and you have a hand that is ahead of his range, but you really don't want the blinds coming along with their 98s type hands. Also, 18 BBs is large enough that you should get tons of folds from the blinds, and at the same time, small enough that you can 3-bet/fold if the blinds shove on you for like 50 since they will be super strong here almost always.

        Hand 2: At a 9-handed table there is 850 in the pot when it comes to you. You are risking 8 BBs to win 4. You're getting a great price on a steal here with any two cards. If it's a tricky player who likes to trap in these spots (limp/folding on 8 BBs is usually awful) then we can check back, but in a spot where we will pick up the pot easily 80% of the time (where we only need 66% if we have blanks) and a great backup plan if he calls, where AJs has at least 30% equity against pretty much anything that calls except for the super unlikely AA.

        Sometimes you just get unlucky.
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          Hi sbpr421,

          I think in hand 1 a read is important. If they guy is good they will be shoving a wider range this short so will be holding worse than AJo alot of the time. So getting involved is ok. One thing we need to consider though is the blinds are still to act so calling might not be the best option we may be looking at reraise to isolate.
          On the other hand here 70BBs at this point is tons. If our read says we are only marginally ahead. I would also consider just folding here, as the player is allin already we have zero fold equity to go along with our card advantage. There are also no antes meaning very little dead money to help out in a coin flip situation. In the 25c games we have a ton of time here to wait for a better spot.

          In the 2nd hand this is an automatic ship. It's win win win. We love getting a fold and picking up the money. When we get called we're gonna have great equity. We also send a message don't limp our BB or I'll shove on you, so we might even buy ourselves a walk next orbit.

          Good Luck

          Quad Bracelet Winner



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