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O.55c NL , Difficult decisions

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  • O.55c NL , Difficult decisions

    I learned alot from the previous hand (23 os) I submitted, so I am now playing 43 suited...:p
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Last edited by WeaselBasher; Thu Sep 20, 2012, 03:47 PM.

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    I like your play pre-flop and on the flop, but when the 8d come outs, which has to be the worst possible card, completing any flush draws and a 4 card connected straight on the board I think you need to slow down and look to check for pot control and maybe even fold to any decent size bet. Then on the river when it brings the 4 card flush as well as the straight counterfeiting your cards, I would be mucking there to pretty much any bet, although as played you have to call the extra 1k and hope for a split pot.

    That was extremely bad turn and river cards, and you almost took the villains stack who tried to slow play Aces (which is always funny to see). Better luck next time


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      Thanks Kedan...yeah I knew the hand was getting worse by the minute....that's why it's up for Analysis

      I think I should have possibly just shoved the flop. In hindsight....

      Great input,
      Thanks Kedan
      Last edited by WeaselBasher; Thu Sep 20, 2012, 04:51 PM.


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        Hey Weaselbasher

        I think calling with the 34s with two limpers behind us is ok with a 30 bb stack.

        Hell of a flop ... I like your bet sizing, 6k into a 9k pot is a solid amount especially as the board is so wet 'contains lots of flush draws and straight draws that our opponents can call us with'

        Turn card... PUKE! This is the worst possible card in the deck, it completes a lot of straight draws and of course it completes a flush.
        With this turn card hitting it's best to check, if we bet we are essentially turning out hand into a bluff, we are representing a 9 high straight or a flush, so checking is way better here for the reasons I have given above and also for pot control.

        Check/folding the turn to a decent sized bet seems best, maybe we can check/call one small bet on the turn vs some player types but if they continue there aggression after the river card hits then I'm done with the hand for sure.

        As played, we may as well of stuck him all in on the turn because were not going to fold if he went all in for an extra 1k in chips, so sticking him in on the river is fine.

        The mistake you made in this hand is leading the turn, all you are doing here is turning your hand into a bluff, your only going to get better hands to call this turn bet.

        Hope this helps , cheers, Chris.


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          Hi ChewMe1...

          This was after the Bubble had burst BTW...

          Yeah I was kind of shocked at the betting on the flop.

          That's why I decided that I'd better get in on the was a bit messy wasn't it?

          I did consider checking on the turn...for about a milli-second

          Pot Control...that's a new word for me!

          Many thanks for your take on this...i will be better for it!
          Last edited by WeaselBasher; Thu Sep 20, 2012, 05:03 PM.



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