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Big 3.30 AA Early in tourney

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  • Big 3.30 AA Early in tourney

    I satted in again Now I decided that from my previous Hand Analysis that I would fold my 23 OS, especially early into the tourney So, I was playing as tight as I can... Now I know that the outcome doesn't matter, but I wanted to know about my betting. The Villain against me was VPIP50,PFR 4, CBET 100/0 Weasel VPIP 5, PFR 0, CBET 0 I had been on this table about 20 hands. Blinds were 30/60 Ante 5. About 45 mins into the Tourney. Apart from one All-In, there was alot of calling and min-raises...but that was about it.
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    Hi Weasel Basher! With AA or any other hand, the one thing that I look to do in a hand is to keep my raises and bets standard, so that I don't give away the strength of my hand. Preflop, I would make my standard opening raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 180. The flop is a very dry board (unless the opp has 34/35/45 for a straight draw). Since I raised and am OOP, I'm going to make a c-bet here and with no flush nor OESD to price out, I'm going to make my the c-bet my standard size of 1/2 pot. I have 1/2 pot as one of my preset buttons, to avoid having to calculate it everytime. I could bet less with this type of board, but I don't want to do anything out of character, as that could be an alarm for the opp since it wouldn't look right. The turn is actually a huge scare card for me. It puts a spade flush draw available, but the larger problem is that anyone that would have called my flop bet with top pair now has trips and is ahead of me... and top pair should be calling my flop bet here 100% of the time. I'm going to make another 1/2 pot bet here for two reasons, for value and to see where I'm at in the hand. If the opp calls, then I'll re-evaluate on the river, as I might not have the best hand. When the turn is called by the opp, here is where I would like to have a read on them. Have they been aggressive with made hands before? If they have been aggressive and raised with made hands, then I'd expect a turn or river raise from a Q. Another option is that they are a calling station, which means that I could be getting extra value from them on the river. The turn is what should be a total blank (unless they have 67s and that hand should have went away on the flop or turn). If the opp is one that has a tendency to fold on the river if they don't have the best hand, then I'm going to make a thin-value bet of about 1/3 pot on the river. This way, incase they do have a Q, I'm losing the minimum, but still have a chance to win the pot without showdown and possibly get some extra value. If the opp is a calling station, then I'm making another 1/2 pot bet here, as they'll call with many, many worse hands. If the opp would be passive and raise me on the turn or river... then I'm out of the hand, as they have a Q and my AA is not good. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I am a little surprised at your analysis, but if I wasn't then I wouldn't be asking in the first placeumbup: A 180 PFR seemed like a big bet, as I was watching the bet sizes on the table. So I am pleased you like my PFR of 180 The next bet I was trying to get more money in the pot (as you obviously realise), and I didn't want to shout out loud that I had a very strong hand. So the half pot raise does indeed surprise me, but then I was making a conscious effort to to not blow my chips, and to try and stay in the game. Of course, my hand was not looking so good now anyway on the Turn, and I just sort of bumbled along.... Again, I'm just being cautious... So, a very useful Analysis ,, thank you JWK!!umbup:
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