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i need to know was this too risky

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  • i need to know was this too risky

    ok this is a skill league table is really loose players call any suited cards and connecters from all positions but this hand had quite a bit of callers all from the early position. i had AQ and was wondering should i bet here and how much, they 3 bet alot so i didnt want to have to make the decision as to whether or not i should call their all in with AQ and didnt want to bet so small that they all so what the heck its not much to call. so if im in a smiliar situation what should i do

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    Judging from the stacksizes this seems to be a bit further in, where people actually respect raises (as shown in your hand). I wouldn't raise this in the beginning, since people tend to call with anything and you end up in a really huge 6-way pot with AQo, which is probably not where you want to be. So at the beginning I would just limp in and throw the hand away if I miss the flop.

    At this point of the tournament things look a bit different: Most of the calling-stations have already dropped out and you might actually get people to fold when you raise . I think I would bet a little bit larger: Rule of thumb would be 3x + 1bb for each limper and given the stack sizes I think this still applies. I would definitely make it over 1k.

    Regarding 3-bet All-Ins: I would happily call All-Ins by Villain 8 and 9, unless they are known to limp in with AA or KK. What would be their range for limping and then 3-bet shoving? Maybe something like 22-99 (Most would probably raise with 99 though) and any two broadways except AK. We can probably add A7s+ as well. Against most of these AQo is pretty far ahead. Since this is skill league I would fold to an All-In from the larger stacks (grudgingly, but it's not worth the risk of dropping out at this point).

    C-betting for half pot when both remaining callers check to you looks fine, I would probably make it somewhat larger (1.8k-2k) to get rid of a potential diamond draw.


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      reason for not using the rule of thumb 3BB+!BB per limper is i wanted to keep the pot relatively small incase of the 3 bet but at this stage my raise would be maybe 2BB or 2 1/2BB
      so my raise couldnt have been to far off. but the table was still very loose the players made ther chips but winning many consectutive coin flips, so there was little or no respect here


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        Hi Danan,

        I'm not comepltely up-to-date with the points system in the league. From the blind level I think you're fairly deep in and don't have to worry to much about -ve points at this stage.

        I think the raise is good. We don't wanna play AQo 6 or 7 ways. We have too many chips to shove. I actually like your sizing, I don't adhere to the 3x+1 rule explicitly in this spot because I want to avoid a massive bloated pot if the first limper happens to call. 900 is still big enough to deter most limpers here I think. I don't think anyone is really calling 900 but folding to 1100. I would probably fold to a shove form everyone except villian 8 and I think the plus sides out weigh folding 900 chips here.

        We get a nice result thinning the field. and I think the CBet after the two checks, half the pot is a good size. Any callers here we just give up and check it down.

        In terms of risk I don't think you are risking many league points here and you've won a nice pot and kept it as small as possible to minimise any -ve points impact.

        So I think you played the hand well.


        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          hey thanks for your input i appreciate it u too garms



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