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Big $3.30, in the BB with an awful hand..or was it?

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  • Big $3.30, in the BB with an awful hand..or was it?

    I satted into the Big $3.30...before questions get asked
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Villain 3 : saw for 38 hands VPIP21%, Villain 6 saw for 26 hands VPIP27% Now, I don't usually play these cards, but I did as Villain 3 was raising any ace, and there were two in the pot already, and it only was costing me 250. That's my excuse So, there are quite a few questions I have...LOTS OF QUESTIONS.... 1. Should I have even entered the pot and called his raise? 2. Should I have called the raise after the flop? 3. Should I have checked on the Turn card ? 4. Could I have betted more on the river? 5. yes I know I'm a numpty
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    Hi WeaselBasher! Remember, the key to playing hands and evaluating them is to NOT be results oriented. With 23o and a min-raise and call in front of me, I'm mucking this preflop. I notice that you have the VPIP numbers listed but also say that the one opp would raise any ace. If the opp is truely raising any A, then their VPIP is going to have to be much, much larger than this. When I go into pokerstove, to get all the aces covered, the opp has to be playing a 42+VPIP, which is much higher than the 20% numbers from the HUD. If the opp's VPIP numbers were that high, then I'd be much more inclined to see the flop, but I also need to realize that even if villain 3 is wider than the HUD numbers... villain 6's call of the 500 is putting them right on the edge of being pot-committed (just under 1/3 of their stack)... so I'd have to be ready to play for thier stack, which I'm not ready to do with 23o. If I have to put 1722 into the pot and both stay, the pot will be 6311, so my pot equity would be 27.3%. When I put my hand and the two VPIP ranges from the HUD into pokerstove, my 23o is only worth 20.6%... so I have a -6.7%EV play by being in the hand. I flop 2nd pair and the opp that is known to have Ax (which would give them a better pair) bets 1421. For me to call, it's 1421 into a pot that will be 4737 (30%). I have 4 outs to a 4 and two more to a 3 and three outs to a 2, which gives me possibly 10 outs... if none are counterfeited. Even if all of them are good, this only gives my hand 20% equity to the turn. Due to this, a call here is -10%EV and I would muck. The turn gives me trip 3's. I don't want to check here, because I want to get value from Ax. If I was in the hand here, I would be making a standard value bet, which for me in this type of situaion is 1/2 pot, BUT, since 1/2 pot is also about 1/2 my stack, I'd be shoving the turn. The river gives me the straight, but is one of the worst rivers I could get, as if the opp has A2, I now only get to chop the pot. I would have gotten my chips in on the turn, but if I had chips behind, I'd have made my std 1/2 pot value bet here. I would have mucked it preflop, but if I was acutally in the hand, I'd have shoved the turn. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thank you JWK...



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