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$0.10 Turbo Tourney, flopped huge - too much of a slowplay?

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  • $0.10 Turbo Tourney, flopped huge - too much of a slowplay?

    Guess there was a way to extract more value here. Waiting to hear your opinions.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Hey I am beginner, but I would have had a bigger bet after the flop..because you have a blinding hand, and there is the temptation for flush/ straight chasers.

    So I would have raised my bet to 250 here.

    You did get alot of money in the pot by calling tho'....

    I am guessing that with the amount of callers in the pot, there was a bit of paintwork in their hands, and that 1 or 2 of them would have called the 250 raise.
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      Hi opium.nT! With T9 on the button and three limpers, if the opps are playing passively, I'll limp behind and hope to see the flop. I flop a full house and there are multiple straight and flush draws available. Since a ten is also in all of the opp's ranges, I also need to watch for someone possibly drawing to a larger full house. The first three opps check and the fourth makes a min bet (100 into a pot of 550). Here is a decision that will depend on player reads. I want to build a pot, but I'd also like to keep the opps in the hand. I also want to set up the pot size, so that I can shove the river. If the opps are calling stations, then I would raise the flop to about 300 (this will price in a flush or OESD for the opps too as long as two of them stay... if they're capable of caluclating pot odds). If I know that multiple of the opps would fold, then I'll call here and look to raise the turn. The turn brings an overcard and the first two opps check again and the same opp as the flop, again min-bets. I'm definitely going to raise the turn here. With 1050 in the pot, I'm going to raise to about 1/2 the pot (500). I'm doing this, because if anyone calls, the pot will be about 2k and even the opp with the most chips will only have 1.5x the size of the pot behind. This will set me up to be able to shove the river and have basically anyone call me, due to the SPR. With the river not being a Q... I'll then shove the river. The way that I extract value in this type of situation is to slowly build the pot (by raising the flop or turn), so that I can get any of the opps all-in on the river. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Well. I thought that was a great hand to submit, and also a great answer.....umbup:



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