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$22 1r1a

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  • $22 1r1a

    do you think i should of played this hand any different or do u think i should of let it go all opinions are welcome and the 2 flat callers after my raise i think they liked to flat call alot not sure as it was a couple of months ago
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Hi stedds,

    I think you've played this hand well.

    You start the hand with 40BBs but on the flop the pot is already bloated due to the two callers. I like the large CBet for value, however it pretty much commits us unless something horrible happens, shoving would value own ourselves.

    The first caller flats, 2nd caller jams. Watching the hand I definately put the 2nd caller on the bare flush draw with K or A of spades. Someone with a set is probably likely to just flat call or raise smaller i think to try and keep people in the hand and get action. He's not bluffing with junk because that type of player would have squeezed preflop.

    So facing the action of the shove we are getting a great odds to call. At this point I wouldn't be too worried about the 1st caller, I think he's folding the majority of the time here unless he has the set and sometimes he might even be calling with a Q or flush draw also.

    Just unlucky I think. The perfect flop for villian 8. I don't think we can get away here.


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      I would definitely continuation bet smaller on the flop. In terms of getting value from hands like TT,99, 8x, T9, JT, a small continuation bet is the way to go. Honestly I would probably bet in the 8888 neck of the woods.

      This may seem strange but it gives us lots of options in a pot that has surprisingly become multi way and bloated at his stage of the tournament. Should the shortest 48k stack decide to plan for stacks on the flop, 8888 doesn't necessarily commit us versus him, but I would likely be going with my hand versus him. Because we don't look committed, that player may decide to ship a wider range of hands on the flop.

      As the action has come down we really are only beaten by 88/22 and the rare Q8s or slowplayed KK/AA. The all-in player's hand really does look like what it is, a strong draw like a flush draw with a gutshot, or an overcard. Betting as large as we have it is going to be hard to fold without pristine reads on the two players who have put money in on the flop.

      Though I hasten to say that you should recognize just how strong the caller's flop flat is. He just called 20k chips on Q82fd with two players left to act behind and its over 20% of the effective stack and a considerable portion of his total stack. If this caller was a known good player, I would fold here because I think his range to do this is probably 22/88/AQ/KK/AA. However, without knowing his skill level I think we just have to go with our hand and hope for the best. If he was a weaker player I would certainly be happier getting the money in, and in this tournament, that is more likely than not.


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        thanks for both your opinions i deffinatly put villain 9 on the flush draw because if he had a big ace aces or kings he would of raised as there was a flat caller and they was giving the big blind the right price to call the 5k with the antes and blinds and the to flat callers so he would of tries getting it in or getting it heads up and for villain 8 i wasnt so sure i put him on K Q if id of stopped and slowed down a little and thought about it i proberbly would of put him a set of 2s just because the same reason for villain 9 with so many players behind and they are getting priced in if any one calls and there always nasty flops as seen on there that was my reason for betting nearly the pot it was draw heavy and i wanted them to either commit there chips with qx or flush draw and hopefully they miss as villain 9 did but so happens villain 8 had a set just one of them agree with ahar a little more on this one tbh im pricing them in to cheap to chase the draw betting that much i think and before the money bubble up to it i was folding A Q off in that posistion to get in the money wish id of folded it again lol that way i may have taken the 6k first prize naa only joking there was some serious players in this one sundayking flo-shc99 gambler444 huiiii flush entity all the big guns so was an honour playing these guys and i hung with them down to 64th place out of 680 ish so i was happy aswell as bricking it haha


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          Wow man this is a sick hand... This was a good read.
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