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trying the 1$ 45-man

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  • trying the 1$ 45-man

    Hello everyone

    Lets start with the beginingso i have been playing the 0.25$ 90-man regular for almost 4 months and i have grinded my bankroll from 0 to 101$ and i thought its time to move up a level and try the 45-man 1$ where i had little experience but i thought it will be good for my game if i will have the same succes i had at the 90-man.But...guys its not the same for me i had a really bad run,i lost 21 games in a row then cashed only twice fourth and seventh and i am sure i had made the best possible +EV decisions, but its not something new in my online poker days i have lost even 46 games in a row but thats why i a have good bankroll management, anyway the problem is i don't feel right playing the 45-man's it just doesn't click for me ,it seems that the 90-mans are for me i like those very much i will grind my bankroll back up again and take some shoots at the 1.50$ 90-man knockout.Guys, my question is did anyone had the same problems as i do when trying to move up? Or if you don't feel comfortable at some stakes or games should you try again or just focus on the type of game you feel you masterd best?Please advise.

    Thank you.

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    I play the 45s not the nineties, so there may be some differences. There is a great difference between the two buyin levels. I was successful at the lower level but I need to make some changes in my game to win at the higher buyin. Of course variance can easily devastate your results for a short period of just 50 games as well.

    Good luck
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      Thx for the reply Doug.


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        hi romewu, I personally would focus on your 25c 90 man sngs and build back up your BR if that is the format you are good at.

        However by no means should you overlook the other formats.

        Why not build your BR, occasionally play a different format for the experience, and keep dropping back to the 90 mans for reasurance and BR building.

        You will find as part of the adjustment to different formats is knowing where you are in the game, meaning for example, I know I need X amount of chips to make final table.

        The players at $1 are not much different than 25c, except they got more money probably in their accounts.

        Another thing, do not presume the higher the buyin the better the player, as this is not always the case.

        Relax, play your same game that works at 25c, and you should do ok.

        Practice all formats, but always have a format to fall back too,a plan B.

        Gl hope this helps in some way
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          great advice holdem thank you,i will try the 1$ 45-man too,anyway i have been taking shoots at the 1.50 $ 90-man knockouts and had some top finishes since i posted this thread and it helped my bankroll a lot,but i am still grinding the 0.25 90 man and i don't feel comfortable moving full time to the 1.50 knockouts even if i have more then 100 buyins for them.I know maybe its to cautious but i am following strict bankroll management and i am looking to have at least 200 buyins for full time grinding of the 1.50$ 90 man sng's.



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            Nothing much more to add here..but if I say what these guys have already said then it may make you believe it more lol I think personally though that there is a big increase from 25c to $1 plus all the variance..i know i know people already stated this But what I will add is i commend you for using strict bankrol maangement as I use it umbup: That way you have lot less chance of goign broke My problem now though is not moving up but I will have to and take the beats to learn experience otherwise we be playing 25c and $1 forever When bad luck/bad play due to tilt does hit make sure you move back down


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              I'll toss in my two cents

              This all boils down to rational bankroll management. If you are crushing the .25 90mans keep playing! However, make a plan for moving up if that is your goal.

              For example, build your BR up to $110, then take ten shots at the $1 level. If you are profitable, then keep at it. If your BR drops back down to $100, then drop down to the .25 games again.

              There is plenty of good (and very detailed) advice here on exacly how to achieve good bankroll management. And no matter how good or bad you are, BR management is the most important thing to learn about playing poker!


              Roland GTX


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                Hi I think thats nice how you were able to get where ur at now gj man.
                My advice to you is to notice the difference in the 45 and 90 games. The 90 mand havr a way slower blind structure if u notice u have 15 minute blind levels and the blinds jump up slower.

                Try playing the .25c games with 45 players for while to get used to the faster blind increases. because once you start beating those im sure that u can beat the 1$ games.

                The are not not that different at all .25 and 1$ games also after you play them for a while you will notice who is yhe regular players that are better then the others.

                Mostly tho play .25 45 max and adjust your game. if u need help learning them just pm me i can help

                or another thing i can advise u is to build ur roll up your roll to 150 and try the 1.50
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                  i alredy have over 180$, i did take shots at the 1.50 90-man and i had some top finishes,i play 9 tables at once so when i start my session i register to the 45,90-man 0.25$ and also the 1.50$ 90 man,if i will hit some bad luck and drop below 160$ i will stop the 1.50$ 90-man and grind my way back up with the 0.25$, now my goal is to reach 300$ and play fulltime the 1.50$ and to try the 2.50$ 90-man

                  thank you again guys and good luck


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                    Well done man... How are those 1.50 90mans I havent played much of those just curiouse. Keep us updated on how things are going..
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                      What i noticed in the 1.50$ 90-mans its that bubble play definitely takes longer before you get ITM and final table play is also much better,but don't worry they have a lot of fish also and thats a good thing



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