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good or bad

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  • good or bad

    what would you have done? reads not any good ones. table changed alot with players coming and going. But saw some players going in with A? For me a scary flop. What to do?

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      Raising to 4x with two limpers is a bit smallish. I'd prefer at least 500 to go and since that is 40% of your stack I would shove pre.

      Good decisions!


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        Hi dopplerboyf5! With KK and two limps in front of me, I would normally raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper (500), however, with a premium hand and with a standard raise costing me well over 1/3 of my stack.... I'm shoving with KK preflop. I want any of the limpers that would call to have to pay the maximum to see if they hit a part of the board and if they call and hit, I'm going down with a category 1 (premium hand). Even if it's a league game, if I ever take an early exit, I want it to be with QQ+ preflop... so that the opps can't see that they may have hit the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          This is a super standard shove preflop with KK. You have 12.5BB and 2 people trying to donate to you by limping in.
          If you shove and they fold, you still increase your stack by almost 30% which is a great result.

          As played, as sick as it is, I think you have to fold. With so many people in the pot I cant imagine at least one of the not having an ace.


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            I wouldn't always shove KK preflop here. I would shove only if I thought I was likely to get called in one or two spots.

            If I don't shove preflop I am raising bigger than 400 preflop - to about 600 - and getting in on any flop.

            We are second shortest stack at the table and I really want to get all the chips in and double/treble up - taking the blinds/limpers preflop is OK too - but I want to get as much action as I can here - and I am committed to the hand even with an ace on the flop and bet/raise action.

            This might not be correct but even raising to 400 is pretty committing and folding with less than 10BB left is horrible - I want to get it in either way and see how it ends - so I am not going away.

            Given the weak limp/calls preflop we might be folding the best hand - to QQ etc - but of course Ax is a big part of these opps ranges - its horrble if we lose to any A - especially if 2 opps have one.

            Plus - we do cover the smaller shoved stack - so could win a potential side pot.

            Get it in and move on - up or out.

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              Thanks for the advice everyone!! I saw it as this. When the player to my right went all-in I knew he had to have an ACE. I still had 8 big blinds and next to the button so I still had time to try and get chips in. Thats basically how I saw that hand. Thanks again to allumbup:



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