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No Limit Holdem Heads Up SNG - A9o

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  • No Limit Holdem Heads Up SNG - A9o

    2nd duel with this opponent. Reads: 1.) Loose 2.) Plays OOP to much 3.) Floats incredibly light, and gets there/improves on the river The line that the villain took doesn't really fall in to previously played hands (tendencies) when it comes to playing monster hands. I like how they called off the extra chips here. Thoughts on taking different line with ??

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    i don't like it, just ask urself the following questions:

    what hands gonna call ur allin on the flop?
    why allin on the flop against that calling range?

    normally with a stack like this and an ace high (means showdown value) on a paired board i very much like to check behind, pot control and cause against an aggressive opponent i am in a bad spot somehow

    so my line on the flop is: check behind

    the way it was played, it's either fold to this reraise or if you think he has a decent range of bluffs here call, but makes no sense to isolate urself only against better hands (i dont see him calling J8 here, srsly), so call the flop and get induce a followup allin bluff on the turn (as i said, only if u think he is capable of this, otherwise fold to flop reraise)#

    since right now, i dont look in here regularly, msg me, if i should look into this thread again, u got me on skype


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      It was an interesting spot that's for sure. When the villain c/r the flop I asked myself "what range is he trying to get value from given my stack size and their bet sizing"? If indeed he had any piece of that board he would c/c to extract value >>re-evaluate turn. The only hands that really connect well with that board are obviously Tx and 6x and I believe there are enough bluffs in his range for this A high jam to be profitable (ex. villains range: flush draws, gutters, K high, worse A high, under pairs etc..) If I call the raise I lose the initiative in the pot on the turn plus it is half my stack to call... I'm in a tough spot on the turn if they decide to fire that second barrel even though I turn a back door flush draw.. The jam ensures that I regain the initiative in the pot as my intuition is telling me that they are bluffing based on their bet sizing/tendencies...and will fold... (Glad they called though) lolpotodds Thanks for your thoughts Andre. I will get back to you on skypeumbup:

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