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The Plan For MTT'S

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  • The Plan For MTT'S

    Hello everyone

    You might have seen me on the cash tables, i play 50 nl and 100 nl , where im a profitable player. I have spent alot of time on my game revising and doing different things over the last year and where i have improved massively im still struglling with mtt's. I was wondering what are everyone plans for the different stages of mttts'. I no early on "tight is right" but do you see certain situaton and know you have to avoid them (coinflips early on? ) and know once you reach middle stages certain things are essential or do you simply wait until you think you have the best hand.

    I would like to hear everyones plans before they enter and tournament and more importantly how has it worked , thanks for your time everyone


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    If i tell you my plan you will know my play and kick me out of the mtts jokes!

    But what i can suggest is, tight/aggressive play first stage. When antes in - change gear and steal more. Late stage/bubble time, depends on how your stack is, steal/agressive play or tight game. Finaltable, 9 handed, tight play, till 6 left, then change gears again

    Good luck


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      Hi robstars7

      Welcome to the forum. This link will help you find your way around the site including training videos which include help on playing MTT's.

      Thank you, and good luck.


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        I don't have any "master plan", but I do keep a very close eye on relative stack sizes (M not bb) which in turn determines my hand range. My game is pretty much all preflop aggression.

        Check out some videos


        Roland GTX


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          It is probably best to not have a hand chart or a plan

          You need to adapt to your table so if table full of tight nits you can steal more whereas if table is loose maniacs then stealing may not be wise

          If its a low buyin then tight is right early on as the other players are so loose usually

          Someone said stealing and this is correct but there must be an art or skillz to it so Im goign to watch the vids



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