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STTs - ICM and the Loose Callers

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  • STTs - ICM and the Loose Callers

    Hi all. This month I decided to learn to play STTs, a format that I never cared for before, and just now started to enjoy. However they can be quite frustrating when you don't have much fold equity, mostly not because of the stack-sizes, but because the opponents don't know push/fold ranges very well. I found out that the games are quite beatable in the morning and afternoons and evenings ET, but late at night (23 ET +) it is almost impossible to make anyone fold (I'm either right, totally paranoid, or just unlucky). It's obvious that if villains keep making -EV calls for their stacks on the bubble they will lose on the long run, but I just don't want to wait and see. There are probably some adaptions to be made at the hours of doom. Here are my last 12 busto hands. Sometimes it's obvious the hands played by themselves, like KK < AA... However I know I make alot of push/fold mistakes, (I can never get a score better than 70% on the PT ICM quiz (kind of like the ICM Trainer). I'm posting these hands not only to find my mistakes, but to try to understand the villain's perspective, and maybe be able to adapt my game to these looser hours of play. p.s. I just realized Im shortstacked in all of the hands I posted, so I dont know if it's that relevant anymore... but since it's posted already, I'll leave them there.
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    **moved to better fitting forum JWK24**

    Hi labs22! In the future, to make a discussion on each of the hands easier, please only put one hand per post (unless the playing of some are directly relevant for reads, etc for another of the hands).

    John (JWK24)

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      Hi John,

      Sorry for posting too many hands. I didnt know whether to make the question specific or a more general one, and ended up doing both things. I also was in doubt about posting it on the hand analysis forum or on the tournament section, so thanks for moving the post. Again, sorry for this, as I'm not even sure if the hands posted are relevant to the question... so I'm starting to think this maybe a failed post... tilt makes bad plays in forums too. I probably should have thought a little more about what to ask before posting. Sorry for that.


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        Hi Labs,

        Took a look at your hands, they all look fine to me. I'm ok with stacking off the QQ after 2 flats of your raise and a squeeze out of the blinds vs. the loose opponents you describe. And the 44 hand was the other one that might be close but you're already 3 handed and facing a big stack button raise, so getting it in there is fine. If you were on the money bubble 4 handed, that one looks like a fold (didn't plug it into ICM to confirm but pretty sure it's a fold). The rest of your hands are all standard imo, shoves for value first in with your respective stack sizes.

        ICM is going to give you a good guideline assuming opponents are folding/calling well vs. your shoves, but if the opponents are calling way too loose, then the adjustment I would generally make is to push a bit tighter range... not too much tighter but the very bottom of a good ICM shove range doesn't play as well vs. opponents that call too loose. So cut out some of the hands that derive their equity from getting folds + being live a lot when called, but against a super loose caller won't get as many folds and will be dominated more often when called.

        Hope this helps, please do post individual hands for analysis when spots come up you're not sure about... I think if you're using ICM around the bubble though you'll be just fine. Just think about what kind of info ICM is giving you and then how that might be adjusted to maximize vs. opponents who are playing super exploitable in some way.
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          Thank's Dave,

          First adaption is to play less at these hours before I can find some good luck... hehe
          I'm looking more carfully for some more spots of last nights "grind" to post.



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