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How to get Value

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  • How to get Value

    Ok, this is a 40-odd player tournament. Down to 15 and top 7 get paid.

    I have ~4500 and the villain in question is directly on my right with ~3600 (about average).

    We have played a few hands and he is very loose. Blinds are at 25-50 and he has raised numerous times to 150-200, seemingly disregarding position. He has shown down a mix of decent starting hands, 1-2 gappers and even K4 off.

    He tends to C-bet the flop and bet every street when he flopped trip aces.

    So he opens UTG+1 for 200. I'm sat directly on his left and flat with my 99. All other players fold.

    Flop come 3 9 9.

    He checks to me. What do I do from here? I have been playing fairly ABC so he should regard me as a solid player.

    I decide to check back in the hope of a delayed C-bet on the turn.

    Turn is a K.

    He bets 200 into 475.

    I think a raise looks too strong, and if he has hit the K, he will surely bet the river also, so I smooth call.

    River is a 4.

    He check to me.

    No what do I do? I was torn between making a relatively small bet to try and induce the bluff raise, or making a big polarising bet and hope he calls it off with Ax.

    I opted to bet 900 into 875 and he folded after about 20s.

    Would the small bet have been a better option? I felt it unlikely that he had a K, so his only option to win the pot was to bet?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated,


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    Hi James,

    It's possible the villian just didn't hit anything and you got the most value you could.

    The way it played out, I think I would have opted for the small value bet on the river hoping for either the call or reraise bluff. Just cause he have the 2 possible good outcomes either he calls the small bet or he spazzes.

    I think the point he checks back on the river he's done most of the time, he's probably missed his hand not leading again and it's too late to try and get value now.

    I would be looking earlier in the hand. The flop obviously difficult for him to have a massive piece of, but this is still the best place to begin building the pot.

    I think we might have been best to bet (150-250) on the flop and try and induce him there. If he folds to the small bet on the flop we are only missing out on the small 200 chips cbet he makes on the turn. But we open the oppurtunity for him to float us on the flop and try and bet the K or that he reraises us right on the flop. Both of these outcomes have much bigger upsides than slow playing and hoping for him to make the cbet on the turn.

    The way it's played out he's got away from the hand very cheaply while still giving himself a great chance to win the pot if you hadn't flopped quads If we play the hand more aggressively he either loses more money or is wondering if he showed weakness and was bluffed out of the pot.

    Nice Hand!

    Quad Bracelet Winner



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