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can i have avoided this.. did i do somethign wrong?

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  • can i have avoided this.. did i do somethign wrong?

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    I thought you played the hand really well. Pre- and flop bets were good. When the villain min-raises your bet, the only hands he can be holding that beats you are trips (he would've raised pre with AA), but he could be doing this with many hands that you beat as well, so I see this play as a profitable one in the long run.

    He played badly with 32, but you will be getting value from most 9x hands, most pairs and maybe overpaid connectors that flopped a draw.

    Keep at it



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      Hi Austerror! With KK and a std raise in front of me, I'm going to 3-bet and size it at 3X the previous bet, so I'll raise to 270. I pick up 2 players behind me, so I get to see the flop 4-way. The flop brings a three rainbow under cards. When it's checked to me, I'm going to make a c-bet and size it at 2/3 pot (my normal c-bet is 1/2 pot, but I'll raise it here to price out someone with 8T if they all stay). I then get min-raised by the BB. With KK here and my c-bet putting me at the committment point, I'm more than happy to get it in with my KK and I'm going to shove over their min-raise every single time in this situation. Unfortunately, the opp was extremely lucky to hit one of their 5 outs and to not have the board pair or bring a third K. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        I'm kind of curious as to what tourney this was as it seems there are some weak players in the field.

        I like the 3-bet pre and although it's a bit larger than I would have made it seeing you get 3 calls I guess in this game you have to bet big to get respect? Not loving the muti-way pot be we have a good hand. Flop comes down and on that kind of board I'm only really worried about sets which are difficult to make so against opponents who are going to pay you off with worse hands making a nice sized c-bet I would say is a good way to play it. Then the check-raise from the BB makes me feel a bit sick but perhaps you had a read that he was capable of bluffing? I would imagine from seeing the result that the villain is not your typical ABC type player and has maybe made some questionable plays already. Anyway, it looks like it's basically a set or a bluff and you called him on it and shipped, if he has a set "nice hand sir". The BB then makes another mistake by calling you and you get it in way ahead. This is basically the aim of the game so I would say, in my opinion, you played this just fine. In this case the opponent sucked out, bit harsh but that's poker. Take a note and walk it off.

        I'm also curious to know if the villain had not sucked out would you question your play?

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