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How sad

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  • How sad

    I had a feeling I had it beat It was just being a big stack bully Seen it play some garbage an get lucky to donk out a few players with any Ax Kx Qx even saw it play 82s n 94s Busted out in 190/10000 in OL Oh well Onwards and upwards lol
    Last edited by spike8998; Wed Aug 15, 2012, 02:49 AM.

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    Unlucky spike i no the feeling. We did the right thing better luck next time.umbup:


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        Hi Spike,

        While it seems you were destined to lose this hand (the guy was never folding), I think your call out of the blinds is never good in a spot like this. With a 12 bb stack, facing a limp and 4x raise in front of you, it's essential to shove all in with 99, especially knowing how loose/spewy the raiser is. Although I wouldn't expect the spewy raiser to fold to your stack size very often (fold equity is not zero but pretty close imo), this has some other possible good effects for you:

        1) The limper may fold, leaving extra dead money in the pot and increasing your chances to win a showdown..
        2) The limper may opt to come back over the top sometimes to isolate you, forcing the OR out of the pot, leaving even more dead money in the middle and increasing your chances to win a showdown
        3) The limper may call your shove and the spewer then come back over the top, forcing the limp/caller out, more dead money and increased chance for you to win the pot.
        4) Everyone may fold (unlikely, the OR should never be 4x/folding to you but if he's a huge fish anything is possible).

        Flat calling invites the limper to overcall, which is action you don't really want with 99, as now you may have to fade multiple over cards from coming and have decreased your chances to win the hand by allowing him to retain his equity in the pot.

        Hope this helps,
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          Cheers Dave

          Food for thought



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