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Short Stack and limpers

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  • Short Stack and limpers

    hey guys!

    I came across these situations while playing STT. When you get short, around 10BB, in a game where there are a lot of limpers ( they limp specially cuz they're weak players and kinda short too ,and also cuz a raise would commit them to the pot I guess ) how do you change your shoving range ?
    (I'm talking about MP and LP here)
    I kinda have some thoughts but not sure what to do, imo I have these options
    -Shove tighter cuz there are more people in the pot and certainly the chances of someone calling you are high ( so you love fold equity in the EV calculation )
    -Shove looser, cuz there's a lot of money in the por already that'd increase your stack significantly, and the limpers range is weak anyway
    -You should limp behind in good spots and if you hit the flop, then shove

    What's the best option ?

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    Hi fp_boss77! As long as this is not in a league game, I would definitely not be limping on a short stack. If there are a number of limpers in front of me, I'll play the same range that I would for any other 10BB situation, but when I enter a hand with a bunch of limpers in front of me, I'm shoving when I play a hand. I don't want to raise/fold and I also don't want to leak off a BB by calling, as I don't have enough chips to do either. The only time I would consider calling here is in a league game, IN position (prior limpers in front of me) with a pocket pair or AK. If I'm in any position and there has been no prior action, I'm raising or folding. I will not open-limp. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I come across this kind of situation a lot when playing STT's and find weak players will often limp into a pot to try and see a cheap flop with marginal hands as they want to play some hands to get chips but aren't prepared to get it in with weaker holdings. If you take my main game 50Fifty's, for example, there will often be several short stacked players who do this. In middle position I'm folding most hands and shoving probably only 88+ and AQs+. In late position I'm shoving much wider as there's plenty of dead money in the pot and I can apply the pressure against weak opponents, my range I would say is AJ+ any pair and even suited broadways are easy shoves. However you need to be careful of calling stations, if there are any players like that on your table it'd probably be wise to stick to shoving a tighter range. Every situaton is different and not everyone suits this style of play so this isn't a cast iron rule but the general idea is that when you get to stages like this in STT's where a lot of players are short and limping you can find good spots to apply pressure and pick up the dead money. I'm never limping behind, this is really just spewing chips you can't afford to waste, it's really a shove/fold decision. Hope this helps.

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