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Could I've got more chips by c-bet turn?

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  • Could I've got more chips by c-bet turn?

    Yeah Baby 4th RoyalFlush in about 5 months 4 out of 5 not bad All Thee Bestumbup: seems like its hard get max value from Royals for me whats the best way to play them, i usually check/c-bet in-till river most of time! Did I play this right? Could I've got more chips by c-bet turn?
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    wow 4 in 5 months havent seen one all year actually carnt remember the last time i made a royal.
    I agree its hard to get value from them, you have to hope your op has a showdown hand so the push on the river is a must imo just in case he has a calling hand two pair or better


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      Hi 0HighTimes0! With QJs preflop, I'm either going to make a standard raise (3BB+1BB for each limper for this blind level) or I'll muck. If I play the hand, I will raise to 90 chips. By open-limping, I would have to play the entire hand out of position and I don't want to do that into a multi-way pot with a marginal hand. Due to that, i'm either going to raise or fold. The opp then raises to 630, a HUGE overbet. To call, I need to put 600 chips into a pot that will be 1305 (46%). I then go to pokerstove to see if I have this much equity in my hand and this would be where a read is critical. How loose or tight is the opp playing. To make this a breakeven play, the opp has to be playing hand wider than a top 27.1% hand. If the opp is playing tight, this is an easy fold, as thier range is much narrower than a top 27% hand. If the opp is loose, then while it is a slight +EV play... do I really want to put this much of my stack into a pot early in a tourney... when even though it's a +EV play... I'm still favored to LOSE the hand. To me, this early in a tourney, I'm mucking to the raise and looking for a better hand, in position, against this opp if they are going to be this loose. Also, calling the 600 here DOES pot commit me, so if I did play the hand and I'm pot committed, I'd want to 4-bet shove instead of just calling. The flop gives me the absolute nuts. Since the opp was the preflop raiser, I'm going to check to them and let them make a c-bet and call whatever bet they make. Same thing for the turn. If there are any chips left on the river, then I'm going to lead the river (if OOP) and size the bet at whatever I think the opp will call. I don't want to just bomb the river, as they could fold, but also don't want to check and give them the opportunity to check behind. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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