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Was this a correct fold??

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  • Was this a correct fold??

    So this is a sat to the Sunday Storm 45 man SnG. I made a standard raise of 3x, after looking back on my hand however would it of been better to maybe increase my open raise a bit more considering my position? So the flop comes and the board pairs (9c 9d) but I decide to make a C-bet. Again looking back at the hand should I of made my C-bet maybe half to three quarters of the pot to get draws to fold? So anyway the villian then re-raises me and gets 1 caller, I'm immediately thinking better pairs, trips, sets and maybe even although unlikely quads!! Should I have made the call? Was my hand strong enough to justify the call, with so much action before me? Even though I have 2 pair, there is a lot of hands that are beating me. I think if I'd of been heads up I would of called, is this correct? It turns out in the end the call would of been good, but I still think overall I made the correct fold. Any help is much appreciated. umbup:

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    Some disagree, but I prefer raising 4x when the blinds are this low. The reason being at this stage of the tournament we really should only be playing 99/AQs+, super tight in other words, and so we bet bigger for value.

    C-betting 90 on this board is way too small. Yes, he could have flopped trips, it's unlikely, but it's possible, but they are also continuing with A5, 65, 45, 55, 66-JJ, and a flush draw. They never have a higher pair here unless they are lolwtf bad. so you're behind 9x, 99 and 55, but you're waaay ahead of A5, 5x, 66-JJ and you're flipping against a flush draw. That means when you c-bet so small you're always losing value from hands that are continuing that you beat, and you're pricing the draws in to suck out on you. Bet half to 2/3rds of the pot, when you're in spots like this.

    I'm basically never folding here. The odds of flopping trips are so low we can basically never give the villain credit for it. If he flat called with anything other than 99 in this spot he is a godawful player. Maybe he flopped a full house, in which case gg to him.

    My preferred line would've been 4x pre, bet big on flop, shove if reraised, if called shove turn if the third diamond doesn't come up.

    As played you're nearly always ahead or flipping, and you're behind a very small amount of the time, so shove flop reraise and get called by Ax diamonds.


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      Hi seancoppo! With QQ, I'm going to make my standard preflop raise, which for this blind level is 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 90. I see a 5-way flop that brings a pair and a flush draw. Since I raised preflop, I want to make a c-bet. With this many opps involved, it's impossible to price everyone out for the flush draw if they all stay. Due to this, I'm going to make a pot-sized value bet of 465. If any of the opps raises me, then I am most likely beat and if they call, then I can re-evaluate on the turn (hoping that I don't see another diamond nor overcard to my QQ). By only betting 90 on the flop, which is a very small bet compared to the size of the pot, it looks to me like a blocking bet for someone that is trying to draw to the diamond flush. The amount that the villain raised to is less than the value bet that I would have led with, so I would call and re-evaluate on the turn. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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