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Did I just donk my chips off in this spot?

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  • Did I just donk my chips off in this spot?

    Hi All, Seeking your thoughts on this play. Down to the last 24 out of 583 in a crazy $2.20 ante up game. Happy to take advice on any aspect of the hand, but I wanted to focus on my decision to shove all my chips in chasing the nut flush. Can I/should I fold this hand when my post flop re-raise is challenged. I think I had committed approximately 40% of my stack at this point, but still could have continued with 30K or so if I had folded. Regards FB

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    what was your read on igvn?

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      Hi FrickaBomber,

      The actual shove we are getting the right price, we have to put in another 32k to win a 116k pot. We have the 9 outs plus I think an Ace could be good sometimes also when the opponent has QQ & KK or Jx.

      However we should probably be looking further back in the hand and making a plan. Once we put in the check-raise we should be aware doing so will be committing us if they reraise or putting us in a real bad spot if they just call and a diamond does not come on the turn.

      We have three other options on the flop.

      We could donk the flop since we are out of position. This could work against a player that likes attacking the blinds but will give up to aggression. If they reraise us we know we a dealing with a real hand at that point we will need to see the size of the raise if we are getting the correct odds to continue to the turn.

      Other option is to check-call, see the turn, this action can slow down the bettor if they are just c-betting a flop they missed and may get you a free river card. We could take this action on more tight or passive players who may not even c-bet if they missed the flop.

      Third option if we are going to check-raise is to check raise allin and maximise the fold equity. This obviously means business it guarantees no tough decision on the turn and the villan absolutely needs a hand to continue. In this instance the villan will be calling anyway, but they will definately be some hands he'll be folding.

      Personally I would take one of the first 2 options depending on my read on the player.


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        Hi Grade B,

        No real read on opponent as I had only just moved to the table.



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          Thanks for the advice Andy.

          I have since watched the Langoliers training video on committment, so understand your point about being better prepared earlier in the hand.





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