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premier league flopped top set

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  • premier league flopped top set

    ok in hindsight im a bit dissapointed about how i played this hand and any advice on a better line would be appreciated as you can see the flop although giving me top set produced straight and flush posssiblities,looking back at it my c-bet i think should have been a bit larger or as it is a league game the whole hand should have been played more passively ,after making the c-bet and my OPP is only check calling i felt i was ahead and pretty much committed to the hand ,as always any advice is appreciated . ty in advance

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    Hi milehigh! With pocket 10's in a league game, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for me at this level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 900. By raising less, it will invite more of the limpers into the hand and in this type of situation, I'd rather get rid of as many opps as I can preflop, as there is most likely going to be an overcard on the board. The more opps that stay, the better chance that I'm behind. Also, the more opps that are in the pot, the harder and much more costly to make it a -EV draw for the opps if I get a wet board. The flop gives me top set with both straight draws, a diamond flush draw and even possibly a made straight. One of the opps now leads into me for a min bet. This looks like a blocking bet trying to price in a draw. The opp to my right now mucks, which helps some, as it lowers the number of opps down to 3. Here is where the decision is in the hand. If this were a cash tourney, I'd shove here in a heartbeat, as it's the only way that I can make the opps have a -EV draw. Since this is a league tourney, I need to look at it differently. First, what is my read on the two opps that have not acted yet? Are they calling stations? Will they fold? Secondly, where am I at for the month in the league and am I at + points yet? If the opps behind that have not acted yet are stationy or if I am not at + points yet, then I'm cringing as I do it, but I'm just going to call the opp's 200 bet and re-evaluate on the turn (hoping the board pairs). I don't want to raise and bloat a multi-way pot with this wet of a board. If I raise, I need to shove and I'd rather not be all-in unless I know I'll be ahead in the end. I know it's letting the opp have a +EV draw... but due to the situation, my hands are tied. I'll follow the same pattern for the turn/river if I don't improve. I'll call a small bet, but fold to a larger one, especially if any of the draws hit on the turn/river. If I'm at positive points and think that the opps behind will muck so that I can be isolated against the player making the 200 bet, then I am going to price them out of a draw and to do so, I need to make a bet of 2/3 to 3/4 pot. This is well over 1/2 my remaining stack... so I'm shoving the flop. By making about a pot-sized bet due to shoving, it also prices out an additional opp if one of the two behind stays in the hand. The play that I would not want to do is to raise less than this, as any smaller raise will still give the opp a +EV draw (and with the pot being larger due to my raise, it raises their expected win from it). By raising 1k, the opp only has to call 1k into a pot that will be 5080 ( 19.7%), which prices in a number of possible draws in the opp's range. If I still have chips left, when the turn completes the diamond flush and the straight, I'm checking behind here for pot control. There is no way to know that I've got the best hand, so I don't want to put another chip into the pot until I know I'm ahead. The same thing for the river. My hand does have showdown value, but since I'm not sure I'm ahead, I'll check behind or fold to any sizable bet. When in a hand like this, I either want to take a pot-control line or I will raise enough to price out the opps draws. The line that I would not want to take is something in-between. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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