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PS Open Skill League Early situation

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  • PS Open Skill League Early situation

    Hi all,

    Early in skill league 10,000 entry MTT
    Obviously you are penalised for early bust out, so that given, this hand arises:

    Me BB with 33
    multiple limped pot
    Flop 3 5s 6s
    Two all in's who have me covered.

    What am I supposed to do with this super wet board. I know the flush is going to come

    Anyway, I called and the flush did come and I didn't 'house up' so I busted in bottom 25%.

    So I fear I wasted the efforts of getting 4 finishes in top 1,500 earlier in the day.

    Any thoughts welcome

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    *** moved to more appropriate forum since member has a ? about a hand JWK24***

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      Hi Quasibonko! Welcome to the forum. League games have a different strategy and this hand is a good example of it. If this were a cash game, then I'd be looking to make a large enough bet to price the opps out of any of their draws (most likely a pot sized bet but will depend on the exact number of opps in the hand) and if raised, I would be happy to get the chips in on the flop. Even if the opps have or hit a striaght or flush, I have 7 outs to improve on the turn and 10 outs on the river. However, with this being a league game, where an early exit could cost me valuable league points, I need to be much more cautious. Preflop, I will check to try and setmine into the multi-way pot from the BB. Flopping top set, I would make a value bet here of about 1/2 pot (the blind level and pot size were not listed, so I can't provide an exact number). but I would make the value bet at about 1/2 pot. I then have two opps shove. With this being early in a league game, I do not want to be all-in unless I am certain that I'm ahead and that I will be ahead after the entire board is shown. Since I could be behind (possible made straight) and with many straight draws and a flush draw, I'm going to muck my set of 3's here. The reward of picking up the extra chips is not worth the large negative league points if I do not win the hand. Yes I have outs, but the risk is definitely not worth the reward. Especially the later that it gets into the month, I want to take less and less chances early in these tourneys, as the negative point total that I will get for an early exit will become more and more as my league point total increases. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hi Jwk24,
        Thanks for the welcome to the forum. Happy to be here!

        Also, many thanks for your comprehensive answer.

        The reason I posted was for validation, as I immediately realised/sensed that my call was wrong in the league format, for the reasons you described. And that's not entirely because the flush came in!
        I really am interested in honing my strategy and not just winning any given hand, so I appreciate you confirming what I was already starting to think about...

        best regards


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          i was in the same spot yesterday with a set of nines. Two diamonds on the flop, two all ins in front of me so i fold. No diamonds came and a russian donk took it down with ace high which was more tilting than loosing points lol. So naturally i had to blind myself out of the game just to break even points wise. How this is helps peoples overall game is beyond me there must be a way of scoring these tourneys that are more a test of skill and abilty. love a moan me



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