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25c mttsng, AQ, flush draw on flop, shove to check raise?

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  • 25c mttsng, AQ, flush draw on flop, shove to check raise?

    Villain was 53/3 over 40 hands. F2C-bet 70%.

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    This seems to be a calling station and calling stations rarely bet unless they have it. A few do chase draws but they tend to min bet, or they min bet with the best hand and then shove the river. Only your reads on this player will determine what it is most likely he is doing in these spots. The good thing is that loose passive players often get to showdown so you can determine what they are likely to do here.

    I would never shove the flop, you cannot semi bluff/bluff a calling station and if they have the flush your number of outs are reduced and he could be holding the K or Ace.




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      Hi doomasiggy! With AQ and a loose UTG limper, I would make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With one limper, I'll raise to 200. I get to see the flop in position against the loose/passive opp and get three clubs. I have two over cards to the board and also a Q for a flush draw. When the opp checks to me, knowing that they have a fold to c-bet % of 70%, I'm absolutely going to make a c-bet. If the numbers are correct, I have a 70% chance of taking the pot down right now (which is a good thing since I only have A high) and if the opp calls, then I can then assume that I'm behind as they hit a part of the board since there are many combinations of 10's or 7's in their range. However, instead of the opp folding or calling, the opp decides to check/raise. The opp only raises 3% before the flop, then folds 70% of the flops to c-bets, so they seem to be very passive. A flop check/raise is definitely out of character for this type of opponent, so this is setting off alarm bells for me and I'm going to fold to their check raise. When passive opps turn aggressive, they will basically always have a hand. As of now, I only have A high with two overcards to the board. I also do not have the nut flush draw, which is another key for me. When playing a LP player, the way that I want to get ahead with them is by value betting them with made hands, not by bluffing or semi-bluffing. If I had the A of clubs, then I would be more tempted to call and see a card, but since I will never have a nut hand, I want to save my chips for when I do have a made hand and can value bet the opp to get their chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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