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UTG Short Stack Shove, call with Ad9d?

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  • UTG Short Stack Shove, call with Ad9d?

    Is folding here too nitty? As advised I'm editing my post. Tourney type is a 25c 45man sng. No stats on player Table image should be tag-nitty.
    Last edited by doomasiggy; Wed Aug 08, 2012, 02:30 PM.

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    There are a few other things that we need to know here:

    Tourney type and stage

    Player type or stats.

    Your table image.

    The pot odds are not in your favour here but if the player has a wide shoving range which he should have with the stack sizes as they are, it is tempting to call the shove. I would be worried about him opening in early position, but I have noticed more and more players attempting this move with quite weak starting hands to try and steal the blinds.

    It is definitely close in my opinion although others may advise folding and waiting for a better spot but if his range are broad way cards you are about 60% favourite and even if it is something like KQ suited you are still a slight favourite and only a slight dog if he ha a small pocket pair. You still have about 30% equity even if he holds Js or even AKo. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of others especially those playing SnGs.




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      Personally I would be folding this most of the time unless I had a read. Okay the villain has a short stack but it is still 10-11 BB (ignoring the antes) and there is one smaller stack, so although he is fit or fold he shouldn’t have to wide of a shoving range (maybe pocket pairs, all suited A’s and broadways). This would give us roughly even odd. Winning the pot would just about give us chip lead with 5 players left, and losing the pot would leave us in 5th out of 6 with 1,480 chip, which puts us in the fit or fold range. If you had seen him push a lot recently then I would be more likely to call, but if not I would fold and wait for a better spot, although I’m very interested to see what other people make of this. Good post umbup:


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        Hey doomasiggy

        Interesting situation. I would be calling here more times than not. I'd say id be calling around 7/10 times. The 3 out of 10 times im folding would be because I feel like the shover is tight, but even tight players will be shoving a wide ish range so im only folding to the very tight nitty players.

        Another reason why I like a call is because we have a lot of chips compared to everybody else and if we did lose the hand then we still have a playable stack size.

        We are ahead of 'most' players shoving range which is why I believe a call is warranted.

        This isn't a 'high five fist pump call' by any means and folding is not a big mistake but I do feel that calling is best.

        Cheers, Chris.



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