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live game hands

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  • live game hands

    these are 2 hands from my local live game that i ran into tonite,as they are from live tourney i cant use the hand replayer but hopefully i can stil get some advice or thoughts about the plays i made

    my position UTG 5d 5h open limped for 200
    3 folders
    player X flat call for 200
    2 more folds player Y BB checks

    flop is 2c 5c kh
    i bet out 500
    player X raises all in
    BB calls
    so at this point the pot is around 11000 -12000

    i feel ive got to be ahead at this point and there are no real sharks on the table,so i call and am all in
    river is a J d turn is 8 c

    BB shows Qc 9c for flush
    my set of 5s crushed on river
    player Y shows A K off suit

    pokerstove has the hands pretty much even pre flop, then im a 69.9% fav on the flop

    did i make the right play and just got unlucky or should i fold here?

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    Hey milehigh0874

    Stack size information would be useful here as if we are below 30 ish bb's im going to fold 55 UTG.

    As played we are never folding the 2nd nuts on the flop, we are only scared of KK and A4 of clubs.

    We call here 100% of the time and are likely to be against Kx,2 pair, and some draws.

    You got unlucky and it hurts a little more in live games as we are unable to register for another game right away like we can online!

    Keep at it though and good luck at the tables!


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      Hi milehigh! When I'm playing live or online, I don't like to open-limp with small/mid pkt pairs. I'll either make my std raise or fold them. That way the opp can't get a read on exactly what cards I'm playing. Many people open-limp small pocket pairs live and that's something that I'm always looking for as a tell on the player. I like the lead bet on the flop and would do the same thing with my set. When there is a shove and call in front of me... I agree with Chris and would call here too hoping that both opps had Kx, but expecting one of them to have the flush draw. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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