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How do you deal with a donk bet here?

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  • How do you deal with a donk bet here?

    I don't think it's worth risking my tourney here, but it's still an annoying board to fold on. Why would he lead out on this board?

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    ***moved to tourney HA since member has a ? about a hand JWK24***

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      Awkward. I guess he could have a flush draw or Ax is always in there. I don’t think this is a bad fold. If I thought he was the type of player who takes small stabs then shuts down I might peel one off and see what he does on the turn if not then you’re playing a guessing game with third pair and two outs. Can’t blame you for saving your chips.


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        Hey danny, first off your min raise may not seem like much to him.... how have you played prior to this? Whta has he observed you doing? What are your numbers? I ask this because people seem to think that we need to range players but that they aren't ranging us! Although he may just me playing his cards and not you we can't assume this.
        Okay next question, what have you observed him do? How many times has he folded his sb to a steal? What type of player is he? Your read will be key in answering this question and it is very difficult for us as we only have this data to go on.

        Now it is very possible that he has 2 pr or a set and doesn't want you drawing out your flush! Your min raise is weak by alot of standards from the CO pos looks like a steal attempt or slowpalying a monster. He had to figure that out.

        I am putting more chips in with the 88 as I dont want to play post flop with them and am quite happy to take the money down pre. Let me say though that even if you made it more doesn't mean this would have played any differently I just prefer a larger open.


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          Hi Danny,

          I agree that reads and info would help you get better answers, you have to consider all information at hand to make your best decisions.

          This type of lead commonly is done with draws or moderate made hands like top pair no kicker. Of course it could mean anything and with reads we might know better but readless this is my general assumption until I see differently.

          Regardless, our equity vs. this range is poor and raising commits us and seems excessively reckless to me with this stack. And calling with 3rd pair isn't a great option either because we'll be praying for an 8 on the turn or the villain to shut down, as we can't really continue if he fires again, and now we've leaked off a bunch of chips in a spot we can't play with any confidence. So just folding seems the best option to me.

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            Hi dannyb,

            Looks like Dave beat me too it But i'll post my view also.

            Yes a little annoying. I think it really depends on your read here. How the player has been playing. Whether he has a clue and would normally check to the raiser here or if he's an aggressive player that has a few bluffs in him.

            I don't mind a fold. To make it feel less annoying I would just consider this like the SB had 3bet me (But I know I won't hit a set ).

            If range him now. I guess 2 spades, small Ax, medium PP like TT, 77 and effectively semi bluffing hoping that you are on a PP as well and won't like the Ace or putting you on a weak Ax raising in late position and not in love with your kicker now facing a raise. I think this line is a little risky and aggressive so I would want a solid read that a player would play like this before assuming this.

            In this case we could peel a card and see if he shuts down (or we spike an 8 ) see if a 3rd spade comes. A raise to 7k or so would definately find out either way as it would commit him to the pot if he continues at this point. If he called we check fold and if he jams we fold. If he is on the flush draw he will likely still be calling but will find it hard to bluff is a spade doesn't come on the turn.

            Either way putting chips in here is a risky prospect to our stack size. I would like a good read on the players style before assuming he's making a move. Without a good read I would just fold here and keep on attacking the blinds, only 2k chips lost.

            Good Luck

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              Sorry I should've put more info.

              At this time his stats were around 16/16/0 over only around 20 hands. I didn't think this was a big enough sample to get a real read, but it seemed he was fairly tight. But saying that I had no clue how to read the play.

              Based on the stats I had to assume he had a hand better than 8s on the flop.
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