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did i miss some value here

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  • did i miss some value here

    the flop came top pair low kicker + nut flush draw i was first to act i didnt raise because i didnt want to get re raised here because i was willing to fold if someone had bet too high here. should i have bet the flop,it was only my 2nd hand at the table.

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    this was a league game


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      Hey Danan,

      I completely agree with you flop line. Your opponent could have definetely limped a better ace. I'd also bet on the turn, but much smaller (500-600) than you did. You bet almost pot-size, which scares away a jack and possibly lower flush-draws. On the river I'd bet bigger because it is very unlikely the 3 hit you.Once they called your pot-size bet on the turn, they'll definetely call a 65% pot bet on the river.


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        Hi danan758! With A4s in the SB in a league game, I'm going to be much more cautious than I would be in a cash tourney due to league points.. especially at the end of the month when there would be much more of a penalty for an early exit. Due to this, I'm going to call from the SB and then re-evaluate after the flop and hope that the BB checks. If it was a cash tourney, I'd be much more likely to raise or fold, as I'd want to try to thin the number of opps since I have to play the hand out of position. The flop is a very good one for me, as I have the nut flush draw along with top pair, but I've also got kicker problems and with four opps behind me, one could easily have me outkicked. With this being the case, I'm going to check here and see how the other opps react.. hoping to get a free card to see a heart and the nut flush. All of the opps check and the board brings a 2. I now have a nut flush draw, gutshot straight draw and top pair/bad kicker. I should have the best hand with the flush and straight draws, but if I match either of my cards on the river, I could easily be in trouble due to my kicker or a straight. Due to this, I'm going to count on 12 outs here and discount the aces and 4's. With everyone checking the flop, I want to make a lead bet on the turn, BUT... I need to size it so that if only one opp calls, I'm not priced out for my draws (incase the opp has Ax with a better kicker). A 1/2 pot bet would give me 25% pot equity if called by only one opp, but I only have 24% for my hand equity for the two outs. Therefore, I need to size my bet at below 1/2 pot and will bet 500. I need to keep the bet small enough so that it is a +EV draw for me (hand equity is higher than pot equity). The river completes my gutshot straight and I have two opps still in the hand. Here is where I want to get the value for the hand. If there was only one opp in, I would make my standard value bet of 1/2 pot here. Due to two opps being in, I'm going to up this from 1/2 to 2/3 pot, as if the first opp calls, it's much more tempting for the second opp to call. This way, I can try to maximize my value with less risk (since it's a league game) and make sure that every bet is a +EV play for me and a -EV play for the opps. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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