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Could I have avoided this?

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  • Could I have avoided this?

    Hi everyone.

    Ok so this was the mid-stages of the Hubble's Freeroll:

    What was the best way to play this? Could this have been avoided? If yes, how?

    I personally thought I should have raised preflop and cbet on the flop. What do you think?

    Constructive criticisms are welcome.

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    Fold preflop is the best advice, even in a freeroll. The villains play of open limping 9s is terrible but even if you raised pre and cbet the flop he would still probably have called. Once you hit your trips it is hard to get away from but the paired board means there is always a full house possible.




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      **moved to better fitting forum since member has a ? about playing a hand JWK24**

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        Thanks TC.
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          Hi Rflush007! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with some of the things that PSO has to offer. With K7o I'm going to muck this preflop into a limped pot. Even if I hit a pair, I will have no clue whether or not I'm ahead, as I can easily be outkicked. I've played many of these tourneys, as it's how I got my bankroll started on PS, by playing these and then winning money in the WR-2's that you will win tickets for from them. The key to them is to play tight and when I have a made hand, to then bet them aggressively. To get to a hand range that includes K7o, I would need to be at playing a top 40% hand, which is a very wide range for an MTT. Typically I try to play only top 10-15% hand (or even tighter early) in these. Playing too many hands, especially when limping too much will be a very large chip leak that will cost me chips. I've worked hard to earn the chips that I have and I don't want to give any of them away if I don't have to. I'd recommend that you go through the MTT course, especially the early/mid phase section. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Hi RFlush007 and welcome to PokerSchoolOnline

            Folding the K7 is best here, k7 doesn't play well post flop and can get us into a lot of trouble if the board comes K high we could easily be outkicked and give away our chips to somebody with Kx with a better kicker... k10+ etc.

            I like the way you played hand post flop, pretty standard... were not getting away from this, however, we must fold these garbage hands pre flop!

            Cheers, Chris.


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              Thanks JWK

              That's exactly what I'm trying to do: build a bankroll by cashing in tourney's via freerolls because I don't want to deposit just yet.

              I was able to cash in the WR-2 sometime ago but due to poor bankroll management and bad play I busted my bankroll. I have gotten better since then, I came 1st in the Hubble freeroll tourney last week. I just need to tie up the loose ends of my game.

              Thanks for your training session they have been really helpful.

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                Thanks Chris.
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                  You want to avoid situations that are less than favorable for you: i.e. playing K7o that's an easy muck pre-flop.

                  Pay attention to how people are playing at the table/s, take notes (keep in mind that you'll run into these people in the future) and when you have made hands, bet aggressively.

                  Good luck.



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