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  • bet sizing

    ok i been sent to this new table, had incredibly great hands from the time i started so i been the raiser in every single one and had many callers each time, made top pair every hand so my C bet percentage was 100% and they were all pot sized so i took them all down without a showdown. i noticed one guy started 3 betting me in shortly after, i folded most but on this hand i just knew he was bluffing i was right sniffed out his bluff i lost due to cards falling his way but i kind of felt my bet sizing and stuff was a bit off on that hand i know my hand could hv easily been dominated i know its not a good starting hand, so no reviews about that aspect of the hand plz i would like tips on my bet sizing and maybe any other issue i may have missed

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    Hi danan,

    You flop 2 pair 2nd worst kicker and oop. How can your hand improve? You can fill up or your kicker improves to A, K or Q which may give the villain top two or draws to a straight.

    Plan A conserve chips and don't lead out. Re-evaluate if facing a bet or check behind.
    Plan B bet out with a plan - if you believe the villain is taking liberties raising you slam over the top.

    I don't like the limp what range? Why such a big re-raise? Hummm


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      his range included nice suited connectors but the play was more because of the particular guy as he started bluffin me alot so i just wante to take that pot down no matter what
      i know i didnt hv much in the pot to begin with but it was personal


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        Hi danan758! Is this a cash tourney or a league game? There will be differences in how I would play this due to the game type. With J3o from the BB, I'm very happy to see a free flop. For a cash tourney: The flop gives me top two pair, but also brings a flush, straight, and combo draw along with trips or I could be outkicked. Since I didn't raise preflop, this is not a c-bet, as I didn't raise preflop. With top 2 pair here, I would absolutely lead bet here and I would need to size it so that I can price out as many draws from the opponents as possible, so that they do not have a +EV draw against me. With multiple opponents and facing a possible combo draw, I need to make a pot sized bet here. The size of the bet that I make on the flop will be based on how many opps are in the hand and also what the board texture is... the majority of the time (especially in a HU pot) will be 1/2 pot, but could also need to be 2/3, 3/4 or a full pot size bet. If I don't bet enough to price out the draws, then the opp has two choices. Either a +EV draw, or they could read this as weakness and raise. It looks here like the opp reads it as weak (which could easily be the case if the flop bet is lower than the previous ones). If I think the opp is 3-betting me light here, then I would make a 4-bet. Here is where the sizing is very important. The amount needs to be more than a min-raise, because a min raise won't price out the draws. If I'm going to 4-bet here, then I need to size it between 3X the opp's previous bet (3300) and a pot sized raise if this amount would be larger. Since 3X is the larger of the two amounts, I'm raising to 3300. The turn completes the OESD, which could be a problem, as this is well within the opp's range. If I think that the opp did not have the straight already, then I need to once again make a bet large enough to price out the draws. Since it's heads-up, I need to bet at least 1/2 pot here to do so.. BUT.. since I only have about a pot size bet left, it's a shove/fold situation. If this is a league game, on the flop, I would make a pot size bet on the flop. If I get called, then I'm shutting down on both the turn/river. I will call a small bet, but folding to any medium or large bet. There is no way to know whether or not I have the best hand and I do not want to give away any chips that I don't have to and I definitely do not want to be all-in unless I'm sure that I will have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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