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was this the right play

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  • was this the right play

    final table of 45 stt I needed a 10 or a spade about 13 outs
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I wish he had more then just a pair of 2's ace high

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    I would never of called that
    12 outs not 13, you're counting the ten of spades twice
    More detail info needed
    - was he TAG, LAG?
    - How many hands did you see him play to get a read?
    - What was your read?
    - What position were you in, how many players left?

    But just looking at the flop and your hand, that was a FOLD


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      He was playing a bit loose at a previous table earlier and I beat him twice and he folded against me a couple of times. He did like to raise alot when it was his turn to bet


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        Hey dopplerboy

        This is a fold, we have too many chips ( 17 bb's ) to just call an all in putting our tournament life at risk with the gutshot/flush draw.

        It's one of them ' sigh why does the monkey gotta over shove' moments.

        If villain had of bet the flop instead of overshove then we may of been able to play it differently depending on the bet sizing.
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          The maths which I can never work out at the table.

          1.2 : 1 are you card odds with 12 outs when your opponent is all-in and

          1.22 : 1 are your pot odds - so I guess you are on the wire to make the call.

          Poker stove gives you 54.44% win rate against your opponent at 45.45% over a 990 game sample.

          But hey you are only there once so better fold to stay in the tournament and hopefully pick up a better spot soon.


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            Thanks for replies I thought i was in good shape to call the "shove monkey" but after time to think about it I was not ITM so I should have mucked. Oh well I will beat him next time I have made a note.


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              Hi dopplerboyf5!

              That's the deciding factor for me in this type of situation. If I'm ITM, then I'd be more likely to try it, but since I'm NOT ITM and have enough chips to make it, I want to get a profit before going for a draw.... now.. if it was a made hand, I'd look at it differently.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Consider the bubble

                Originally posted by dopplerboyf5 View Post
                final table of 45 stt I needed a 10 or a spade about 13 outs
                In a normal situation, this isn’t a call, but the bigger consideration for this hand is the bubble factor. You’re sitting with a medium sized stack, there are 2 short stacks (under 10BB), and you are 2 away from the bubble. Even if you were favored (equity wise), it’s a must fold this close to the bubble.
                "May the cards be with you!"


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                  I fold this every time regardless if we are close to the bubble or not. I would be thrilled to be the one getting it in on the flop if the action before us allowed us to do so.

                  Risking your tournament life by calling an overshove ( with a playable stack size of 17 bb's ) is not the right thing to do. If we knew villain had a pair lower than Jx then I guess it's ok because we have an extra 6 outs, but we dont know this, or do we? Not many guys will be over shoving worse than top pair with 3+ people to act behind them.

                  We gain more +ev by waiting for good spots to reshove all in rather than calling an all in on a draw which lets face it... isn't very strong.

                  Just my two cents, cheers, Chris.



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