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$1/45 ak

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  • $1/45 ak

    the villain is 60/1/40 over 87 hands Iv been waiting to gain his chips! analysis pls, tell me what he had ( I already know I played It bad but I need to be punished to stop me doing it again)
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    BTW iv been raising 2 x at these higher blind levels (been consistant)


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      Hi Jonny9691! With AKo from the CO, I'm going to make a std raise here and at this blind level, I'll raise to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper or to 1500. For me, min raises price in way too many hands and since I don't have a made hand, I don't want to do that. The board is highly coordinated and could have easily hit my opponent that checks to me. Here is where my decision in the hand has been..... should I c-bet with my two overs and straight draw, or check for pot control. What I do will be based on my read of the opp. If they are aggressive, then I'll check behind, as I don't want to get check/raised. If the opp is passive, then I'll make a c-bet and if they call, I'll shut down unless I improve. With the opp playing 60/1... I'll make a c-bet of 2/3 pot here (2150). The turn brings a K, which gives me two pair. However, this card also brings more problems, as there is now a possible made straight out there along with a second flush draw. The opp that has been playing passive now also bets into me. If I had made the c-bet on the flop and the opp leads the turn, then I'm getting out of the hand now and mucking as I'm not going to be ahead. Most likely the opp will have a J or a straight, as if they had Qx, they would now be concearned about the K and wouldn't bet the turn. With checking the flop, I'm just going to call the opps bet here. There's no way I can tell whether I'm ahead and don't want to bloat the pot due to that. Also, my hand does have showdown value, so unless I improve, I want to get to showdown as cheaply as possible. The river finishes one of the straights, otherwise it should be a blank. The opp once again leads. If I had c-bet the flop, I'll definitely be out of the hand by now. Since the flop was checked... I'm hoping to get to showdown cheaply and would just call the opp's bet hoping to see Qx or diamonds... but expecting a J. I think the key to this hand is to c-bet the flop due to having a passive opp, because my opp's reaction there should tell me where I'm at in the hand... making the rest much easier to play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks John
        I nornally raise 2.2 x but when the blinds get higher I drop down to 2! looking at it now this seems stupid for the sake of 120 chips
        One thing is for sure villain would have called what ever the raise, but I should have raised more pre, c bet the flop (2000?) which he would have called even though he hit it hard,
        with the K turn the alarm bells should have rung, It was likely to improve villains hand,
        I think that even if I had got the earlier betting right I still would have lost a load of chips thinking that my hand improvement was good,
        the biggest misstake is wanting to chip up off villain so bad that seeing AK, and thinking thats IT job dont,
        I thought I knew who the fish was, I was wrong



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