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45/25cent SNG

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  • 45/25cent SNG

    Tonite i got my 1st ever place in a 45man SNG i come 6th i was leading the tourney all the way to the last table i would like to thank jwk and a few others for saying to do these but you know when the stars are shining bright for you when your getting the likes of KK/big/blind and its sticking but the tourney b4 that an the one b4 that> utg plus utg1 you open very strong with kk an get knocked it just me me or should i be folding these kk utg utg1 ect...

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    Hey DaiDark I couldn't understang exactly what you said. But KK is a strong hand, and I'm openning from any position, be it UTG +1 or even UTG. But you need to proceed cautiously if the flop is too much coordinated ( which means it hits a lot of the opponents range ). Flops like 8 9 T or A Q T all of the same suit you need to be more cautious. But KK is a great hand, and it's even worth a reraise. Hope this helps umbup:


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      I'm never not raising to open a pot with KK from ANY position in ANY game at ANY level. That's nuts and don't even think about doing so. Now what comes AFTER you raise (and you want to be standard raising here...if 3x is your normal raise with hands other than QQ,KK or AA then you want to raise them 3x as well so as to hide your hand can add or subtract a little in consideration of position but do not do so for hand strength...) is another matter. If you are raised do you re-raise back? Well in any .25 buy-in game,yes I would...UNLESS I had a specific read/note on the villain as being a NIT/Rock type player. If that's the case then I would likely either flat or fold. But it would have to be a 1000% gold-plated read that says they're ONLY coming back at me with a Category 1 hand. Any other read or an unknown and I'm raising back hard...there are just sooooo many players in these games that will ship back over you with much weaker hands that this is going to be a +EV play over the long term in a big,big way. I would say that easily 35% of the players in these games are totally capable of shipping any Ace or any lower pair back at us in this spot. Now if you do go to a flop,either off your raise being flatted around (this will happen a lot) or any other action then fp is want to pay close attention to board texture after the flop. Without reads on an opps that you are up against hand ranging in these games is quite frankly impossible---there are simply too many players that will call too wide and from any position to try and range them without reads and notes on them. And that's the biggest piece of advice I can give you here---if you are going to grind these games then you absolutely need to be taking good and accurate notes on your opps as you will see a lot of the same players repeatedly. For how to be effective in your note taking I suggest you watch Dave's (TheLangolier) video in the Library on this. It's session #50 in his section. Good Luck/Better Decisions umbup:


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        Hey Dark congrats on your first placing. I have played a few of these games and I would suggest that you study the push/fold charts for this style of games.
        There are many many many fish in these and if you play only premium hands early and let the donkeys knock themselves out you will go deep alot.
        Effective note taking is key always but not as important really at this game because the things you will see here will just make you shake your head. They are just so bad! Punish the limpers is my best advice.

        Gidee Up!


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          I dont know if you have tracking software/HUD, but even if you haven't take It from me that if you ckeck your stats for playing KK they will be positive. You tend to only remember the bad beats, but If you look at said stats you will find they are in green umbup: then realising that they win more than loose, keep playing your KK strong, and nice one on the cash, first of many


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            I find i take a lot more notes on these 45mans and it has start to pay off with the kings its a hand i must learn to fold i open 3x with it always then as one of you said the likes of a 9or a jack on the flop can and always do catch me out i just cant seem to fold them you get weeks/days that aa dont stick am haveing one with the kings i think also b4 ut1/utg i would only play aa aq ka and fold kk jj qq.if i did play them i found flat calling them hopeing some one would push to be better play i dont know how many times i have limp aa utg pot gos 4/5players and i earn a good pot/on the down side limping utg is a nono and its had to fold once ive seen the flop with a holding of the likes of aa/kk.


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              Would you beleave it I just won my 1st sng for months and yes its a 45man sng been doing a load today and to get a 1st in the bag as made my day i post the last hand on boom if you want to the a look umbup: top advice guys thanks.



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