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betting question

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  • betting question

    Hi all this may sound a daft question and is a rule i dont know, ok i raise utg with my aces, i get a caller and then the low stack shoves,

    i think great i can now reraise the caller and get him all in as well or a good portion of his/her chips.

    but the only option it gives me is to call the all in from the low stack and not allowed to reraise

    is this something to do with the low stack shoving?

    this has happened before to me, but now im curious i just dont know why?

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    Hi holdemace,

    The reason is because the short stack did not make a legal full bet.

    Blinds are 25/50 you raise to 100 to 150 and short stack has 243 which they push all in.

    this means they raised you 97 chips a legal full raise is 100 chips and you can only re-raise a legal raise. It is a part of the game i am aware of as it has come up in classes but not good at reading.

    If you had raised to 140 - a raise of 90 then when the shorty shoves their raise is 97 over the legal raise size and you are free to re-raise.

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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      min reraise

      When you raised the button by 100 chips to 150, the minimum an opponent can reraise you is 100 more to 250. The short stack, however has only 243 chips, so he can not reraise you the minimum. This means you can not reopen the bidding for another reraise. You would in effect be reraising yourself those extra 7 chips that the short stack is missing. If you had sized your original raise anywhere from the minimum 50 to 96 you could have reopened the betting after the short stack shoved.

      Hope this helps
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        Hi again,

        an sided note on the hand,

        With your representation on this table as a loose aggressive player this is the perfect flop to bet out on. If he has seen you playing all kinds of hands he is not giving you credit for actually having the goods here.

        By waiting until the river to make your move and get chips He has seen his whole hand and you could have the 4 here so he would have to have a made hand to pay you off, if you make a move before the river, he has 2 or 1 cards to out draw you.

        This is where the aggro player has to make max chips off his / her reputation in order for the style to be profitable.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          thx doug and B i never knew that . AND yes B but unluckily this time i was playing nitty lolumbup:



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