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$2.20 6-Max Turbo - Good or bad call

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  • $2.20 6-Max Turbo - Good or bad call

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    Good Call,


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      Hi folkstix! With 10's and two shoves in front of me, I need to look to see if I'm getting the correct price to call and if I call, I want to overshove, to try and keep the SB out of the pot. I want to do this because my hand equity will decrease dramatically when there are more and more people in the pot. I would need to put 9418 into a pot that will be 26374 (35.7%). I then need to go to pokerstove and see how much equity my hand has. Here is where a read on the opps would help tremendously, but none were given. This information is needed to pick the correct playing ranges for the opps to see how much equity my hand has. The first opp shoves just over 10BB, so they should be shoving a bit wider, so I'd give them a 25% range. The second opp has less chips, but they are calling a shove, so I would assign them a narrower range than they should have due to their amount of chips and will pick 15%. With these ranges, I have 40% equity, which is more than my pot equity, so I will overshove. If the opps are known to be playing wider ranges, it will make it an easier call. If they are known to be much tighter, then this could be a very sticky situation, as my hand equity will drop and could make this an iffy call or even a fold. This is where reads on the opps will help greatly with the decision. For example, if the SB stays, then my hand equity is going to drop to about 25% BUT my pot equity will only drop to about 26%. If this is the case, the pot equity will be slightly higher than my hand equity, so it would make the play a marginal fold. This is the reason that if I'm playing the hand, I want to shove and not to call. If it helps to avoid the one time that I will almost always have a -EV play, then I want to avoid that whenever possible. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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