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Hubble's NL Freeroll

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  • Hubble's NL Freeroll

    Hey guys! Since I'm starting to build a bankroll, I'm trying to play a lot of Freerolls along with the PSO Open Skill League. I wanted some advice of some one that played at the Hubble, or/and win one of them (which means getting the ticket). Cuz it doesn't sound really appealing a tournament with 9000 entrants and only 72 top "getting paid" ( tickets ). And if you get the ticket there's another grinding that's the real tournament, the SundayWR2 ( although the prize pool is really big ). On the other side, the SundayWR2 min-cash is actually bigger then I usually get at the end of the month on teh PSO ( usually $1 ). So cashign there would be a real jump on my bankroll. But is it really worth for me (that's trying to build a bankroll) to invest a lot of time trying to get tickets to the SundayWR2 ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp_boss77!

    I started my bankroll that way. The key to the hubbles is to play very tight the first few levels, just like in the open league, then once the majority of the maniacs are gone, then to open your game up to build a chip stack. When I played in them, it normally took about a 75k-100k chip stack to get a ticket.

    The weekly round 2's, I played the same as I did any MTT. Tight early, then loosen up as the number of BB in your stack goes down and take advantage of position.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hubble freeroll

      Hi fp_bass77. I have played not only the Hubble freerolls but also all the other Astronomers freerolls. When I started, I just could not win a ticket. After a while I won the occasional ticket and now can usually win one every third or forth time I enter, although i don't play them very often now. Once you understand the basics of the non holdem games, you will probably find that these are easier to win a ticket at. The play is even worse than in holdem and there are generally many fewer runners.

      When you do have a ticket, you can enter either the Saturday or Sunday round 2. The Saturday tournaments are always NLHE but the Sunday ones cycle through a list of various games. The competition in round 2 is quite a bit better, but I have had good success in finishing ITM. Like any MTT deep runs are much rarer, but I did finish as high as 14th. You can use these to build your bankroll fairly consistently in a modest way without having to be an expert. Of course if you do get a good final table run one week, your bankroll gets a big boost.

      Good luck
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        Is it worth it?

        That is the big question.

        You won't win big bucks at the Astronomers or WR2s unless you really run deep on the weekend tourneys, but you can pick up the 50 cents that I think you are after to build from scratch.

        It is easy to win tickets through the Freerolls once you get the strategy and it gives you a couple of chances a week to win a few cents for a min cash or more if you go very deep in a WR2.

        You will have noticed these are shovefests - so play value hands and get them in fast and hard - you will not lack for action and when you win a big pot you can take time waiting for another big hand - the structures are really quite good for TAG play.

        Never bluff - at least not until the very late stages if you need to chip up for the ticket near the bubble when others may tighten up - but don't count on it. If it pays 72 and you are 100 of 200 watch the levels and bet sizes - cautious play will often get you to the bubble without playing a hand as others still bust out too easily. If you decide to go with a hand at the late stages with big bet sizes you will be committed from the first move.

        And don't stick to just the Hubble's - the Astronomers are where I learnt the basics of all poker games available here - and I really like Hi/Lo Omaha, Hi/Lo Stud and any single draw game. The astronomers are especially good for draw games as you have enough time to wait to be dealt the nuts, raise, get multiple action then stand pat and value bet.

        The time required to 'ticket' a single tourney can be high - several hours and then you have to go again in the WR2 - but you will get bad beat early doors a lot and need only continue when you have picked up a stack. Start one every 20 minutes but be prepared for a few hours to get the ticket from a full tourney.

        If you are entering a PSO OSL game just get in the next astronomer too - it can' t harm - and if you bust you lose nought.

        So is it worth it? Not in terms of dollars per hour - but it is part of a learning curve and if you are playing for free you can't expect big money.

        Good luck

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
        4 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Me too I built a roll that way. Back in the days when Spain was part of the "Free world" :/
          My take on the[astronomers]m:
          The Hubble... not worth it. It's teenage tattoo-land, with J. Mercier wannabees liberally scattered. Bit of luck you can have some fun but the frustration level can get... annoying. Ok, the Spaniards (me included) are not there no mo, but there's plenty of [insert you favourite]s and [you know:]s to make up for them.

          (Note: I played so many of those in my day to be able to say that I won a ticket in each - including the Hubble (1) and the 2-7(ugh) lowball - with the notable exception of NL Omaha8.
          I even won one at the 8-game, which only pays 48.)

          The most tickets I won at them were at Badugi, Razz, PLO, and, most of all, the Tomboy.
          The Tomboy is rare, mostly not@mytimeoday, and fills up almost as quickly as the Hubble. But.
          It has a 6000 cap and pays 72. It has 10min blinds but no ante ever and in reasonable increments (much the same as the Halley PLO, no ante - 12 min blinds)... but the Tomboy has a 6000 cap, so the ratio.

          The razz and stud can be good for tickets, patience... and the badugi... even more patience, 15-min easy blinds, no ante ever... but most of all I learned in those:

          It really helps to run the clock near the bubble - the bubble is all that counts, there's no money in them. With caution... running it too much can have the opposite effect... And clever chat also got me a few tickets I must say.

          I also always sit out as soon as I got the ticket, but that is a matter of taste. Me, I'm results-oriented.


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            Set aside a time for grinding these at least 3-4 days a week if you're going to have a go of it. Try to build a stash of tickets so that you can play BOTH WR 2's each week (if your schedule allows that of course...).

            During the time you do set aside for the Astronomers enter every one you can in that time frame. As I compose this post for example were I playing the Copernicus FL Omaha would be minutes from starting and the Eddington's Stud Hi/Lo would be just about to open registration. I would be in both and the be looking to jump in the next ones to come if they are in my time frame to grind.

            You lose NOTHING by busting out in one of these so there's no reason to not multi table them. This increases your odds for tickets and if you're not seeing any luck in any individual ones whilst building a stack in others then the bad ones just gamble up,get it in and hope to get lucky. If you miss no harm no foul.

            In other words the Astronomer's have more than a little "the more crap you fling at the wall,the more will stick" in them.

            Once you do get a stack in any of them you can tuck in and play more sensibly.

            Build a stash of the WR 2 tickets,they don't expire and the real truth is that until you build a fairly decent BR to grind a series of games with the WR 2's will still have the potential of having good value for you. And even after you are better rolled having tickets so you can take a break and play them when you may be running in a rough patch with your $ games is also a good thing.

            Nose to the grindstone fp...and remember Hadrian's advice...

            "Brick by brick,my citizens. Brick by brick."

            Good luck/better decisions.


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              I didn't read the whole thread, but the talk about the astronomer freerolls certainly rang a bell. Long ago, that's where I started. 1K barrier has been broken, and there's no looking back.

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                Thanks for the advices guys! umbup: I think I will certainly give it a shot. But I'll probably end up playing some variation instead of hold'em in the astronomers, cuz I've been looking at, and there are way less entrants. Razz and Badugi are the best I think, although Razz's scheduled time doens't fit my free time lol. And it's good to learn other variations of Poker.


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                  Originally posted by fp_boss77 View Post
                  Razz's scheduled time doens't fit my free time
                  Oh, the schedules are pretty random over the week.
                  And if the Tomboy fits it, try it and see how it goes in the long run...


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                    The astronomer freerolls are a great way to learn new games. They are how I started and how I first leanred Razz and 2-7 single draw which quickly became my favourite game. I cashed in my first 2-7 freeroll and final table probably 20% of the ones I play so it just goes to show it's worth giving them a go.

                    Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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                      Originally posted by Don B. Cilly View Post
                      Oh, the schedules are pretty random over the week.
                      And if the Tomboy fits it, try it and see how it goes in the long run...
                      What acctually is the Tomboy ? lol


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                        Originally posted by fp_boss77 View Post
                        What acctually is the Tomboy ? lol

                        The Tombaugh Mixed (PLHE,PLO)

                        Named for Clyde Tombaugh,the American astronomer who discovered Pluto.


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                          Originally posted by Moxie Pip View Post
                          The Tombaugh Mixed (PLHE,PLO) Named for Clyde Tombaugh,the American astronomer who discovered Pluto.
                          Thanks ! I'll give it a shot. umbup:



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