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$1/45 jj

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  • $1/45 jj

    This is the third hand in tourn so no reads bet sizing ok ? happy to get it all in pre and post flop ?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    H Jonny9691! With JJ preflop early and a call and min-raise in front of me, instead of making a 3X bet, I'm going to make a pot-sized raise to 130. I try to size my 3-bets between 3X the previous bet and the size of the pot and the earlier in the tourney I am, I tend to err to the higher side, as I'm trying to thin the field some. If someone 4-bets me, then I have to make a decision on whether to fold or shove and I'll do that based on what notes and what I've seen from the opp. The flop brings three unders along with a possible str8 and/or flush draw. The first opp checks and the second bets 180. The only way that I'm behind now should be to a higher pkt pair (that I'd expect to 4-bet me preflop) or a set. Due to this, I should have the best hand the vast majority of the time here. I need to make a raise that will price out the flush draw (most outs and most common, as many players will play any 2 suited cards early in a tourney). With 2 opps still in, I also need to size it correctly, so that I price out BOTH opps if they decide to stay. I would normally make a pot-sized raise here (to 180+570 or 750) and bet the turn again to price the opp out for the river if the flush doesn't hit or the board doesn't pair, but since 750 is over 1/2 my remaining stack.... I'm shipping the flop here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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