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wtf honestly

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  • wtf honestly

    ok i made 2 final tables this month jn premier league ,then have suffered bs like this every other game ,did i play the hand wrong/badly/poorly or am i just unlucky HELP PLEASE

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    Hi milehigh0874

    My short answer would be - fold this hand pre-flop.

    Looking at the situation your in the bb with about 46bb behind 3rd in chips at the table - nice.

    Now +2 opens 3x with 12bb behind which is a shoving stack and to compound the situation there are two callers.

    My thinking is that JTo is not a strong holding here to be getting involved with.


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      I also prefer a preflop fold here - much better spots will come.

      But - when we flop the current nut straight and someone open bets I would not slow play - I don't want 2 pairs or a set seeing a cheap card drawing to a full house, or somebody drawing to the ace high straight to catch up. If someone has K-rag I want them to come along though - so I would note this opponent, possibly slowplay the nuts versus them in future, but with other players to act here I want to show my strength not hide it.

      The 4 looks like a brick and I like your reraise there - I would be getting it in at this point as opponents are obviously still behind and drawing to minimum outs to beat us, or chopping with us.

      River is dastardly but that will happen.

      Not bad play, but not how I would play it myself preflop/flop - after that it is just the poker gods putting their big hobnailed boot up the backside.

      Good luck

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
      4 Time Bracelet Winner


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        i just gotta say that this is NOT bs. u slow played ur hand and got 4 outed. and the guy who knocked u out had a legitimate hand. and u did not have a large enough stack to get him off top and bottom two pair just in case ur opponent was capable of doing that. the nuts on the flop is often not going to be the nuts on the river 4 handed.


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          Hi milehigh0874! With this being a league game where I need to be more conservative, i'm going to fold JTo preflop from the BB to a raise. It's too risky of a hand to call a raise with, especially when I have to play the rest of the hand out of position. If I was in the hand and see the flop, when the SB bets 300, I definitely need to raise to protect my straight. There are multiple cards that could give someone a higher straight and I need to raise enough to make anyone drawing with AJ or A10 make a -EV play. There are also 3 opps in the hand, so I need to bet enough to price out ALL of the opps that might stay and be drawing to this. Due to this, I'm raising the flop to 1425 (a 3/4 pot raise). This will guarantee that if everyone stays, they all have a -EV play. I need to do the same thing on the turn and here is the problem with not raising the flop. Because there are 3 opps still in (some should have dropped to the flop raise), I need to raise 3/4 pot again, in order to price them out to draw at me. Therefore, I need to raise to 5300.... but I don't have that many chips. Due to this, the best that I can do is to shove and hope that everyone doesn't call, or the button IS getting the correct odds to call. If I had raised the flop and hopefully gotten to be HU (if not already taken the pot down), then I could bet less and make it a -EV play.. but not with 3 opps still in. When I get a made hand that is the best, I do not want to slowplay it when there are cards out there that could beat me. If there are no cards that can show and beat me, then I can slowplay it, but not when I can lose if the wrong card hits the board. I need to be betting/raising enough to make any opp drawing at me have a -EV play, otherwise, I'm basically telling the opp to stay in the hand an outdraw me due to it being a positive play in the long run for them... but the easiest thing here is to fold a very marginal hand preflop OOP to a raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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