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JJ - PSO Open League

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  • JJ - PSO Open League

    Hey guys! I'm playing the Open Skill League to score the most points on the monthly leaderboard, so my game plan is to last as much as I can each tournament. The Blinds were 125/250 and 25 ante (with 1 minute to the blinds go up). With 8231 entrants. At that point my position was 1127/1158 Should I have shoved this hand or just waited to bust after getting chiped out ? Thanks umbup:

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    With less than 1 BB, any pair is a shove for me. YMMV umbup:umbup:
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      Hi fp_boss77! With 2BB or under in a league game, I'm looking to shove any pocket pair, any A, any broadway, any suited connectors or even a suited 1-gap (J9 for example). I need to chip up and quickly. The one and only one way that I would fold JJ here would be if I was on the exact bubble and if I wait 1 hand, I would be guaranteed to get ITM. Other than that, I'll shove all my chips in here with JJ with <5BB, unless I have enough chips to get ITM. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        But would you guys shove even with the limpers ? Cuz certainly some of them has an overcard and if they hit the flop they will not fold them and I'll be drawing to only 2 outs.
        Isn't that a risky approach ? Cuz with no fold equity maybe is better to do the "clock and fold" until you get chiped out. And get a better position on the rank with few points rather then risking losing points.


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          With fewer chips than the BB I am looking for a hand like this to get in with before the blinds hit. You have no fold equity and are only calling - so I would not call this a shove either - but it is probably your best opportunity this orbit to chip up and go deeper. Lasting a few more hands will not make too much difference, winning a pot will more likely gain you points. I would time down all the time bank and get the chips in here.

          Even on the bubble I am getting it in here. You are effectively in last place as it is - but have an opportunity to run deeper if you chip up. Going out under 1200th is not going to do damage - but you have an opportunity to get top 10% and better with this pot win.

          Good luck

          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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            Thanks for the advices !


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              Hi fp_boss77!

              With 1BB left... I want as many chips in the pot as possible with a made hand... so the limps are fine by me. I'd also hope that all of them have overcards, so that their outs are counterfeited.

              John (JWK24)

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                in this spot i want all 9 of us in the pot mind you i want the 9th person to shove and get us heads up but as long as i get max chips possible here I'm happy.

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