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25c/45man ft 99

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  • 25c/45man ft 99

    I supose villain could have been slow playing a bigger pocket pre flop, I think I had been getting quite aggressive at this point, should I have been worried about his essentially pot comitting re-raise 88+? prehaps the way it played 22,66 or 77 or Flush or straight draw, A7 ? I suspect that most of this did not occur to me at the time, that point alone meens I played It badly his stats are 30/7/42 over 60 hands

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    I think you should have flopped top set. That was your biggest mistake. *buh bum CHING*


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      Hi Jonny9691! With 99 in a battle of the blinds, I'm going to make a std raise. At this blind level, I'll raise to 2.5BB or 2k. I want to keep my raises standard to help conceal the strength of my hand and also to be more than a min-raise, as I do not want to give the opp good odds to draw at me. The flop gives three unders and a flush draw. I want to make a value bet here that will make any of the opp's possible draws a -EV play, but since I only have a mid pair, I don't want to bet too much, as an overcard could easily beat me. Due to this, I'm betting 1/2 pot here. The opp now min-raises me. Here is where a read on the opp would be crucial. I could be ahead, but with the opp being in the blind, they could have a draw or 2 pair too. If the opp does have a draw and raises, it is a -EV play for them, as they are already priced out to start with. If I raise, the opp is the short stack and well pot-committed, so I would basically NEVER expect them to fold.. and since I'm not sure that I'll have the best hand in the end, I do not want to raise. Has the opp been raising to bluff? Has the opp shown down any marginal hands? The answers to these questions will decide my play and much, much more often than not... I'm folding to their raise and here's why.... I have a made marginal hand that can easily be beat. I also have the chip lead and do not want to put that in jeopardy, as the pay jumps for 2nd and 1st are considerable. If I go all-in and lose, which could easily happen, I'm in 2nd and almost last chip position. Dropping from 1st to 3rd is a huge difference in payout. I'm going to raise more preflop, so that the opp won't be tempted to play ATC against me, bet the flop and fold to a raise on the flop. The larger raise preflop should rule all of the 2 pair combos from their range minus 67 from their range... making the hand much easier to play postflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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