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$1/45 sb 99

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  • $1/45 sb 99

    I think badly played, im completing just to set mine (didnt realise at the time) I have an over pair and still dont like the situ iv got into should have folded pre? only a nine can help against so many should I have had a stab at once at the flop? going to get called by someone then hating all over cards low straight making cards and hearts

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    This is a ship pre-flop jonny. All day and twice on Sunday. We have three limps in front of us and we have a perfectly respectable hand with 99. We don't really have enough of a stack to be playing a set mine here,especially OOP. More often than not,MUCH more often at least 1 over is going to flop and we have to fold the hand to any aggression. We can't afford to be letting chips bleed off with plays like that at this point because we're squandering our equity. Whereas if we ship pre WE control the action. They are now in the hot seat having to make a tough decision on what WE did. If one of the limpers call and turns over a higher pair then note that they are capable of that play (and that they're very probably bad...) and hope we get lucky. But you are almost never going to see an over pair turned over here. We ship and we get them to fold out most of the range that they may have been limping with and we scoop 800 chips. That's a great result for us at this stage. If we get called we are ahead of everything but an over pair,which again the only probable place we MAY see that is if the BB wakes up with a hand. If we get called by 2 overs and are essentially flipping then we are perfectly OK with that. And we can get called by worse here as well. Use your fold equity when you still HAVE fold equity. You do here and you have the bonus,the BIG bonus,of a real hand backing your play. A fold is right out here IMO. I'm never folding. A call for the set mine is better than a fold for sure. But our 100% BEST play here is to get it in. Don't standard raise here---again at 13BB's we simply don't have enough behind to raise here,get called and then fold out with any overs flopping and a subsequent raise or raises. That's my 2 cents. Good luck/better decisions. umbup:
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      Hi Jonny9691! With 99 here from the SB, I'm going to shove preflop and here's why. If I call to setmine, I really need to have 15BB in my stack to get the proper odds to do so. I don't have this many chips, so I do not want to call. Plus, if I did call, I have to play a 5-way pot out of position when there most likely will be at least one overcard.... not what I want to be doing. A fold with just over 10BB and a pocket pair is also a very tight play when I need to be accumulating chips. If I make a std raise (2.5BB+1BB for each limper), with 3 limpers, I have to bet 1100, which is too many chips to fold if I miss and is well over 1/3 of my stack... which is the committment point for the hand. Due to this, I do not want to take this option. This leaves shoving. If everyone else folds, then I gain over 1/3 to my stack without a fight. If I am called, I am most likely going to be in a race, as an overpair should have typically raised before me. This is a situation where I don't mind taking a race. The pot will be large enough to get me ITM and I'll be well on my way if I win a 3-way pot. Also, if I did end up in a multiway pot, the opps should have overcards that could easily counterfeit each other's outs. This is also a great example of why proper bankroll management is so important. I want to be in this type of situation where I can take a shot to accumulate chips to possibly get me to a top 3 finish... where the larger payouts are. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        just a quick addon most folks like to have at least 12-15 :1 implied odds to strictly setmine
        the 10:1 you need to hit ur set and the additional 5 to make up for the times you might hit and still get beat. and a read that tells you the villain will give up those chips when you hit your set. vs tight opponents its less likely you'll stack him off with less than a really strong hand himself.
        the best of it, MT
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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          Ok thanks, what about 77 and 88
          Or general range to shove in this situation?


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            Hi Jonny!

            The way I'd look at this one... any hand that I'm going to play at all is going to be a shove.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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