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STT $ 1,50, A5s, Bubble.

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  • STT $ 1,50, A5s, Bubble.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    It's a good hand but the bubble situation is not so good. Which hands can I push here? AJs+ ?

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    Hello AH, personally in that spot you were in, my chips are going in and my fingers are crossed hoping they do not have a bigger ace.

    When 3 way etc, lower starting hand strengths are stronger than when on a full table.

    But more than worrying about this ,i would ask myself why I was so short stacked at this stage,

    Was it an early mistake,was i too passive etc throughout the game

    hope this helps


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      Bubble Factor

      Originally posted by ahcrata View Post
      It's a good hand but the bubble situation is not so good. Which hands can I push here? AJs+ ?
      As the short stack on the bubble, you have less tEV (tournament expected value) to lose than the 2 medium stacks. Therefore, you can shove A5s 4 handed, and expect the medium stacks to give you more respect than usual. Of course this is if you’re playing players that understand bubble play. The big stack at this table should be the only player playing back at you ‘light’.

      For a better understanding of the ‘bubble factor’, read ‘Kill Everyone’ (chapter 6?). The book also has pushing and calling charts.
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        Hi ahcrata! Yes, it's the bubble, but I'm the lowest chip stack, so I need to be looking for a situation where I can accumulate chips to get into the top 3. This is an early blind level to be down to 4 players already, which says to me that the larger stacks have probably been playing looser. If that's the case, then I'm going to play my suited ace here and make a standard raise to 300. In this situation, I want to be playing hands that I can be gaining chips with, but with over 10BB left... I'm not open-shoving. If I open-shove with more than 10BB, then I'm going to most likely value-own myself... where only better hands will call and all the hands that I beat will fold. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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