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STT $ 1,50, 8Ko, Pos Flop.

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  • STT $ 1,50, 8Ko, Pos Flop.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I think to push pre flop is not a good option. What is the better approach to the turn? Bet or Push? Note: The villain hand is not real, the river card too. I don't want to give the result.
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    Value bet - restricting correct implied odds

    Originally posted by ahcrata View Post
    I think to push pre flop is not a good option. What is the better approach to the turn? Bet or Push?

    Note: The villain hand is not real, the river card too. I don't want to give the result.
    Bubble – 9 Man STT – No Reads

    PF: K8 With an 11BB stack... getting to see a free flop IP is nice.

    Flop: Lots of draws possible… I like your bet, but I love the fact we didn’t get check-raised. By this non-action, I tend to assume the SB (chip leader) doesn’t have a combo draw. But then again, draw aggression would be based on his style of play. Most likely SB has an over-card(s) (face - x), with a possible draw. A slow played STR is also a possibility.

    Turn: This card adds some draws to the mix, but at this point I’m not worried about the turn card draws. A ‘pot committing’ bet close to pot, should be just about right for getting value from 8x, 7x, over-cards, and draws. This sizing of the bet will restrict the draws from getting the correct implied odds, while at the same time possibly getting some value for your top pair. Your plan is to never fold.

    You are the smallest stack, therefore your *bubble factor is the smallest at the table. You can play this hand somewhat normal.

    *Bubble Factor is used when playing tournaments, and peaks at the bubble. It’s a number assigned to the stacks in relation to all the other stacks individually. Middle stacks will have the higher BF numbers, meaning they are risking more when involved in a pot.

    Reference: ‘Kill Everyone’ – Chapter 6?
    "May the cards be with you!"


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      Yep a sticky situation. The board is wetter than a British summer but you have to bet your top pair. I was dreading the check raise as well so the fact that it comes on the turn rather than the flop fills me with foreboding. This looks like a really strong betting sequence by your opp. So what does he have?

      Without reads lets rule out a set, I think that given the stack sizes most players would shove (or at least raise) 8s or 7s pre flop, 4s are I suppose conceivable. That leaves an overpair, a very possible two pair, or an A 8 (with or without a flush draw) that are crushing you (I’m not even going to consider the 9 6 possibility).

      My objections to an overpair are similar to my objections for a set. Again without reads I would assume that he would at least raise Pre flop and given the nature of the flop here as well. The 8 7 is very possible. He might limp this Pre and he might be tempted to take the risk of slow playing it on the flop. I guess the fact that you have an 8 makes it less likely but it does fit the pattern of his bets. A 8 is a hand that I would raise Pre flop suited or not in this situation. But I suppose that if he’s a very tight or passive player he might play it differently though surely he has to bet this on the flop?

      Then there are all the draws, flushes, straights and combinations of the two, possibly with some elements of a made hand thrown in. The really strong ones, the Q J, or 10 9, or 6 5 of diamonds say, I would check shove on the flop while I have two streets left to hit my hand but again another player might play differently. The good news is you are ahead of most of these.

      Overall I hate this situation though I don’t think you’ve done a lot wrong, maybe a check behind on the turn but with a board like this giving a free card is no fun. I think on balance I’d be inclined to call though I’m not happy about it. I would do this simply because there are so many draws he could be shoving with here and you are getting decent pot odds. Also if you fold you are the micro stack in the tourney.

      I still have a nasty feeling about that two pair though.

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        Hi ahcrata! With K8o in the BB, I'm happy to see a flop for free. The flop gives me top pair but the board is very coordinated with a flush draw, straight draw and even a possible made straight already. I do want to make a value bet here and I'll size it at 1/2 pot (150). I don't want to bet more, as since it's only a pair of 8's, I could easily be beat on a later street by an overcard. The turn brings an undercard that puts a second possible flush out there. With top pair, I'm going to make another value bet here of 1/2 pot, as this will price out the flush draws. Again, I don't want to be betting more, as there are plenty of cards that can possibly beat me on the river. This time the opp shoves. What reads do we have on this opp? Have they been known to shove as a bluff, or do they always do so with made hands? Yes, I have top pair, but it's only a pair of 8's.... and I'm going to muck to a shove. The key for me in this hand is to use pot control and to not overbet, which makes mucking to a shove a much easier play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Ty. Replay updated with the real hand of the villain.



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