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  • Moving up

    Hi all,
    Im on the verge of upping from 25c to $1/45man, due to my BR.
    So im following good BR managment, but it has been brought to my attention that far better players than me may stick around the 25c s&gs
    I know that this dosent meen I cant move up, but should I get better first?
    Obviously good BR managment would be continued
    My Opr is reading 50% roi / 23% itm over a small sample (100+)
    Also I'm under the impression that the $1 are barely stronger

    What you think

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    Hi Jonny9691, You are profitable at the 25c x45 game over this sample size. I looked at your results on pokerprolabs and see that you haven't experienced a serious downswing for a while. I have played the $1 x45 for a while and took a 17x bad run some time ago. This can happen and your total profit takes a battering. So I'd suggest a 4x buy-in at the $1 game - this is in fact 16x your current level. Then see how you feel about the standard of play in your own mind. Drop down to the 25c game if you lose $4 and grind back that into profit. At micros I don't see much of a difference in standard of play as some players don't care because financially it's not a significant loss to them. It's not really bankroll management more about are you a profitable and winning player over the long term and funding higher stakes with affordable profit. Good luck at the tables. umbup:


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      hey Jonny,
      50% ROI is pretty good, huh? I think yes you should definitely give the $1 a spin. Good advice from ForrestFive above.
      Having just looked at my own pokerprolab results I see that my sit&gos are in negative. darn. I played a lot of 25c and was winning quite a few, and staying well in profit. Then I had a month of just being fed up and blew all my profits playing higher stakes like $1, $3.50. It was a self-destructive period of my poker play in which I undid all my previous good work. I think I blew about $70 profit. Overall I am still in profit, and my tourney rank is good, but it's a bit annoying that I had that mad downswing and ruined my S&G status. I might have to start working on it to get it back.
      In my experience the $1 isn't necessarily tougher than the 25c, but it is a bit different. You will have to adapt to the environment. I would suggest only playing the $1 now and then to begin with. For example, play 10 25c and then if you are say $2 in profit then use $1 of that profit to 'freeroll' in the $1. This way you can avoid getting into NROI. Once you are getting the same sort of results as you have been in the 25c then you could go 'fulltime'.
      ~'If you want to win... you have to have White Magic.'- PH~


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        If you are moving up think about the following.

        What is your goal at this level, How will you assis how well you do?

        Do you have a plan if you bomb the first 2? 10? 23?

        Rather than playing just one game then moveing on to the next one have a plan. The cowboy challange had a good plan that you can use as a starting point oils down to ..

        Play 100 games using a 25 buy in bankroll (the total you will risk for this 100 game challange rather than total bankroll)

        Let us know what you decide and then put something in blog section as to how you do.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks sothAAAA and forestfive,

          Grade b are you suggesting that I play 100 games using a $25 bankroll (just to clarify)

          I normally play a 4 table session (all together) if I mingle in the odd $1 I probably wont even notice or play any different, I supose this would be bad?
          Would playing my normal 4 tables but all at the increased $1 be better?



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            Hi Jonny6991,

            I'm suggesting you set your self a goal and one goal could be 100 games using a $25 bankroll.

            Personally I would play all 4 at same level but go with what you are comfortable with.

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Cowboy's SNG challenge

              You can find the official rules for Cowboy's challenge here. Quite a few have unofficially taken the challenge in addition to the official entrants. Most of those who have attempted the challenge that I am aware of have made a profit.

              Good luck
              3 Time Bracelet Winner



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