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1.1R 3x turbo around 45 players left

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  • 1.1R 3x turbo around 45 players left

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    M+3 position it's open to me around 13bb's 1. shove 2. raise 2bb then fold to 3bet 3. fold wait for a better hand What is the best line to take?
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    Hi Marvin! How aggressive have the opps behind you been playing? That along with your table image would be the keys for me. The reason for thinking about what others table image of me is.... is that while 55 does have some playability, if I raise, I really wouldn't mind a fold here. If I could get them to fold some, I gain 17.7% of my stack without a fight. Another thing that I'll look at here is not just the BB amount, but it's costing me 1444000 chips per round, so I have an effective stack of only 5.6BB..... due to this, I do NOT want to raise/fold and wouldn't even consider this as an option. This leaves me with either shoving or folding. If I have a decent table image (have not been too aggressive and have not had bad cards go to showdown), then I'm shoving here. I'd like to pick up the chips without a fight, but with an M of 5.6, I'm willing to take a race... and just hope that someone behind me doesn't wake up with a larger pair. With a good table image, I most likely won't end up in a multi-way pot, which I don't want to be in, with a low pair. If my table image is shot (showed down a bunch of marginal hands, been stealing too much or playing too many hands) then I'm going to muck here and find a spot in position... so that I don't have to worry as much about being in a multi-way pot as the opp would call me down much lighter. Also, if the opps have been very aggressive and would be in a multi-way pot, then I would muck too. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      thank you Sir John lessons learned



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