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STT, Very Tight?

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  • STT, Very Tight?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Was seeing this game and maybe I have played very tight. Which these could I have played. What if I had stats with HUD about them, which stats are good to watch in these situations?

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    Hi ahcrata! How were the BB and UTG playing? Were they playing many hands or folding many hands? Was this a standard raise from UTG? If the opp had been playing a large number of hands and was normally raising more than normal, then I could very easily raise here and if so, since a standard raise would be for more than 1/2 my stack (I'd normally raise to 3X their bet or 750), then I'd shove here with AJs. I would do this because I would be ahead of a loose player and would want to try to isolate the loose player. If the player UTG was playing tight and had been making smaller standard raises and all of a sudden makes a 5X raise instead of 3X... then I'm going to muck AJs here, as this could very easily be a tell for a monster hand that I would be behind or that dominates me. I don't have nor use a HUD, but if I did, the numbers that I would be looking at for the opp are the VPIP (what % of hands the opp voluntalily puts chips into the pot) and also their PFR% (preflop raise %). The higher the VPIP for the opp, the more likely I would be to 3-bet the opp. If I did know these numbers, then I can put my hand into pokerstove along with the range of the opp (using the VPIP number as thier range... ex: if VPIP is 50, I'd use a top 50% hand for the opp). This would tell me whether or not I was ahead or behind the opp's range. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Very nice explanation. Thx a lot.



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