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25c/45man (none turbo) AQo

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  • 25c/45man (none turbo) AQo

    AQ again, this one im happy with I think, if I raise my standard 2.2BB to 440 and get a re/raised and have to fold, im short stacked and the blinds were going up shortly, also I wasn't finding the BB easy to play against

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    Hi Jonny9691! Is this the final table? If so, then since I'm ITM already, I want to be in chip accumulation mode to try to get into the top 3, as that's where the larget payouts are. If not, then I want to see where I'm at in relation to the other stacks and I'm much, much more likely to play the hand than fold, as I need chips. With AQo here, I'm going to make my standard open here to 500 (I use 2.5BB+1BB for this level). Even if I bet 500 and have to muck, I still have 3500 chips which is 17.5BB. If I was IN position in the hand (button for example), then I may consider open-shoving, but I don't normally open-shove 20BB..... because the only hands that will call will have me beat. I want to keep the hands that I'm ahead of in the hand so that I can get value off of them. Even if the blinds go up in the near future, I still have a 9+BB stack if I have to fold... which is a great stack size for a steal. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks, and no its not the FT


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        hi Jonny,
        I think you have a choice here, and either way you decide to go is fine. AQ is a good hand and I wouldn't fold it very often unless I'm facing quite a bit of action and I don't want to get into a race. Still, sometimes I would fold in early position, depending on the table.
        You mention the BB being tricky to play against and perhaps that is the main reason that you gave up the hand? A raise here is going to look very strong, and has a good chance of taking down the blinds. Well, if you face a re-raise then a shove over the top could work. There are very few hands that are ahead of you.
        Don't get me wrong, AQ is really just a drawing hand, and despite my hand posts on this forum I play fairly tight and do not want to be risking my tourney unnecessarily. But I think aggression is called for in this particular spot. Chances are you will have the BB crushed.
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