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100kFR 55- how would you play it?

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  • 100kFR 55- how would you play it?

    I had registered about 20 mins late here, and this was the first hand I was dealt. A lot of stacks are much larger than mine. With the blind structure I need to get some chips fast or I will bust. How would you play 55 here? I guess most players would fold? The board turned perfectly for me, and I was risking being busted in one hand, but how else can you survive in these tourneys? I ended up placing about 70th out of 7,000+
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    Hi SothAAAA! This is a good example of why I don't like late-registering for tourneys. While the others by now all have reads on the others at the table... I'm walking in to an unknown situation and I'm at a severe chipstack disadvantage. With 55 here, I could either raise or call the initial min-raise and most likely would call since I don't know the others at the table. However, when the others start a raising war, I'm going to muck when it gets back around to me. 55 does not play very well at all in a multi-way pot, as there will be many overcards that can hit the board and in most cases.... it leaves me only 2 outs to win the hand. I'm much better off looking for a better spot in position or with better cards. The key to playing any tourney is to use the table dynamics (reads, position, chip stacks, etc) to your advantage and to make the best decisions possible for the given situation and time. I do not want to be taking wild chances in a tourney unless I have absolutely no other alternative. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. That's also coming from someone who's lucky hand from Vegas is 55.

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      JW if those were red 5's you would ship them and you know it.

      Also my favorite part of this hand is watching the 50 chip bets and calls into a 9k pot every street after the flop. LMAO at these idiots.
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        hi John,
        Actually I am a little surprised that you would even call with 55 here. From your analysis I think you kinda play quite tight. I agree, late reg usually puts one at a disadvantage.
        The thing is if I fold now after calling the initial bet then I am already down to about 10BB. This particular tourney, starting with only 1200 chips, moves very quickly and I don't think I have any time to wait for decent hands at all. Until I have some sort of stack if I see a potentially big pot and I have a chance of flopping the nuts then I am going to shove. The structure doesn't allow for any other type of play. It's possible my shove might pick up the pot pre, though I don't think it will. It's a pure gamble, and maybe I have about 25% chance to win, but that may still be my best opportunity to avoid blinding out.
        Playing with deeper stacks, slower blinds, I would never shove with 55.
        It's been a lucky hand for me in the last couple of days... I won 4 pots with it in one tourney yesterday, and earlier today I flopped quads
        ~'If you want to win... you have to have White Magic.'- PH~



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