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Shove or fold ?

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  • Shove or fold ?

    Hey guys ! This is a $0.25 45-men. I was geting short (10BB) and no good cards have come to me for a while. So I decided that TJs was a good shove, but later I realised that it wasn't lol. Not because of the result but certainly because I'm UTG. Should I hafe wait for better cards ? or I'd be getting to short after I had to post the BB and SB and should have shoved anyway ? I think it was a really weak play from Seat 9 to just call ( as it was half of his stack ). And Seat 1 just min-raises which is awkward too. Thanks umbup:

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    you could wait for worse cards but better postionand be in a better spot maybe picking up the blinds or getting one of the blinds to call you weak.

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      Hi fp_boss77! Whether or not I've been getting cards should not play into my decisions at all. I need to base them on the current situation only. With JTs from UTG, I'm going to muck preflop here and look for a sitation with either better cards or when I'm in position. With play as loose as it is in these quarter games, I'm not automatically going into shove/fold mode until I get closer to 5-6BB and not 10BB. Yes, I do want to try to accumulate chips, but I want to put myself in the best possible position to do so. Also, since I'm UTG, I don't know if any of the players behind me have woken up with a monster hand..... the problem of being out of position. If I did play the hand, I'm going to make my standard opening raise to 3BB (300), so that if I need to get off the hand due to the action behind me... I have an out that will leave me with 7BB, which is still a very playable stack in these tourneys. I do agree with your assessment on seat 9. If I'm them, while I want to be playing the hand, I want to shove to isolate and hopefully be in a HU pot, as AKs plays much better HU than in a multi-way pot. If I'm in seat 1, I'm either shoving or folding... if I am playing the hand, there are so many chips in the pot already that I'm pot committed and not folding regardless. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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